Rihanna Is Pretty Pissed At Chris Brown’s New Documentary

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In Chris Brown’s new documentary “Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life.” he revealed every part of his life including his relationship with Rihanna. heck the short clip here. Well,according to a close source to Rihanna,she is really pissed by this revelation;

“Rihanna is pretty pissed Chris, is bringing up their old drama again,””She never wants to be put in that position again, and she still carries pretty deep scars, as much as she tries to act otherwise.”
“The experience itself was hugely traumatic, but the way it played out so publicly added yet further to the trauma,” the source said.
“Rihanna wants to be known as this fierce, independent, strong woman — not be tainted with this weak, victim label,” the source continued. “She’s struggled to get close to anyone and has developed deep trust issues when it comes to men.”

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