Chalize Theron Sizzle On the Cover Of W Magazine

Blonde ambition: Charlize Theron stars on the cover of the August issue of W magazineTough: Charlize admits that when she was younger and working as a model, she punched a woman in a bar 
Chalize Theron, looked gorgeous in this dress by Proenza Schouler as she pose on the cover of W magazine to promote her new movie,Atomic Blonde. The 41-year-old actress discussed her acting chops back in the day and how she has grown as a action hero actress. She said;
Va-va-voom! Charlize looks sexy with bleached-blonde hair, smoky eyes, and red lips

'Back then I didn't know how to hone in my energy and I was knocking over lights. I had no concept of a set,' she explained. 'I connected right with Teri Hatcher's face. I felt terrible about it. I had no money and sent her some cheap beer the next day. Sorry, Teri.'

'It's like dance, and I grew up taking ballet. I love discipline,' she said. 'I function really well within the parameters of discipline and knowing what to do.'
Also as a model;
'I was working in Milan as a model, and this girl got very aggressive with me at a bar,' she recalled. 'She pushed me and started talking smack, and that was it. My body just took over, and I thought, I didn't just do that, did I?'
'Look, I've always been fascinated by abhorrent behavior. I have a real interest in why people do horrible things,' she said. 'I read a lot of books and am fascinated by whether deviant behavior is caused by nature or nurture. There's a part of me that wants to understand that darkness, but I can'’t really understand it.
'So, it is cathartic to play a character who is evil. It's a free pass for your soul: Nothing bad is going to happen, and you can explore what it would be like to be in that skin.'

Vitnage appeal: The 41-year-old posed for an '80s-inspired shoot; her upcoming film takes place in the decadeAction star: She talks about her July film, Atomic Blonde, in which she plays a spy

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