Between Hushpuppi,Phyno & Ice Prince

Image result for hushpuppiSometimes,i don't our Naija celeb beefs or people trying to be famous here. Hushpuppi (really don't know where they get these names from),a Malaysia-based Nigerian rich boy dissed rapper,Phyno and Ice Prince for wearing fake watches (above). Phyno put him in his place,hinting he is not a show off...

Well,at least we know about Phyno's assets now. Here Ice Prince reply;

Kendall & Kylie Jenner Get Slammed For New T-shirt Line With Images of Notorious BIG, Tupac and Ozzy Osbourne

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are in more hot water over sales of controversial T-shirts.

Oh wow!when i saw the images i was like this is just plain disrespectful... I mean the of Kylie on Tupac,come on Jenner girls! Your PR ought to do a better job,like this is unacceptable. Controversial reality (especially Kendall,remember the pepsi ad?Its been barely three months) sisters launched a t-shirt line that had images of rap legends,Notorious BIG,Tupac and Rock star,Ozzy Osbourne's band.

Controversy: Kendall looking fetching in pink on the front of a Biggie shirtHim too: People were also upset that Kylie put her image over a Tupac shirt 
Late Rappers' mum,Voletta Wallace found it disrespectful and disgusting. She shared;

Not happy: Biggie's mom Voletta Wallace  shared an angry Instagram with a cross over the Jenner shirt that featured the rap giant in the background
Sharon and Kelly Osbourne were also disgusted. Their response;
Nasty note: Sharon Osbourne shared this post where she told the 'girls' to stick to lip gloss; here Kendall is seen on an Ozzy Osbourne shirt

Right back at ya! Kelly Osbourne moved swiftly to take the two girls to task, tweeting out a pic of her own image superimposed on the front of a t-shirt baring Kylie and Kendall's pictures and giving them 'the finger'

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris took to her twitter;
Chimed in: Paris Jackson, daughter of the late King Of Pop, also tweeted about the Kendall and Kylie shirts, saying music legends 'should be respected and honored. not turned into this.'
And fans showed their disappointments;
Backlash: Haters have taken to Twitter to express their dismay over Kendall and Kylie using images of Tupac and Biggie
Doesn't get it: Others think it's a cheap shot: 'It's literally a tee w/ their old insta pics on it,' noted Chels who added confused-looking emojis

The Jenner girls expressed their regret in a joint statement yesterday;

They feel bad: Kendall and Kylie Jenner have sent out an apology after placing their images on top of vintage T-shirts featuring musical giants to sell on for $125 a pop

They really need to stop pulling this like this or maybe need to fire their PR person or something.

37 Years Later And Brooke Shields Is Still In Her Calvins

'Full circle:' Brooke explained she had a 'full circle moment' when she gave her 14-year-old daughter Rowan a pair of jeans because her girl was about the same age as Brooke when she first modeled for Calvin

Model and actress,Brooke Shields rose to fame in 1980 at 14 on an ad in Calvin Klein jeans where she provocatively said ;''You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing'.

37 years later, 'nothing' have come between the star and her calvins'. The 52-year-old stripped down to her CK undies for a shoot with Social Life Magazine and she stll looks fabulous. The actress told the mag that though she started her modelling career at 14 she doesnt want that for her daughters, Rowan,14 and Grier,11. She said;
Still got it! Brooke Shields, 52, looked stunning as ever in new photos where she strips down to Calvin Klein skivvies to show off her statuesque figure in the brand's white lingerie

'We shouldn't just see 15-year-old bodies. I don't want a 15-year-old body. I don't want to look like a little boy,'
'I have curves, and I've worked on my strength.''It's a cutthroat and demoralizing business. Plus, they want you when they want you, and you have to be there for auditions and work, and my kids aren't missing school.'
Mean jeans! The mother-of-two also shared a memorable story about her Calvins with the magazine, revealing she couldn't find any of the iconic jeans once she searched her closet

A personal moment: The Princeton alum said she 'didn’t want anyone else to be in the room' when she tried on the pants because she 'wanted to have my own experience''It's a cutthroat and demoralizing business': Brooke said that the fashion industry has 'no loyalty whatsoever'So many memories: She received her own jeans several days later, which was an emotional experience for the starletNot the time: Brooke Shields also opened up about keeping her daughters away from modelling until they finish college in the interview'It's a cutthroat and demoralizing business': Brooke said that the fashion industry has 'no loyalty whatsoever'Radiant: The actress looks stunning in a white coat as she shows off her timeless good looks

Throwback! Brooke first set the fashion world aflutter in a provocative ad campaign for the brand back in 1980 where the then-14-year-old asked 'You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing'
Brooke at 14,rocking Calvin Klein Jeans

Wow! Check Out Coco & Baby Chanel In Some Serious Yoga Pose

Coco Austin and her mini-me,Chanel Nicole stuck a pose for their instagram pages and not just your usual pose "goddess pose" which featured Coco's sister,Kristy. The model and fitness enthusiast captioned the photo on her instagram;
What do u think of this pose? Its called the goddess pose.. My sister is an amazing yoga instructor.. U should work with her someday if u ever get a chance..Follow her yoga page - @kristyaustinyoga or personal page @angelbabynaz @babychanelnicoleAlso gets a kick out of it
The proud mum shared the photo above on baby Chanel's instagram handel and wrote;"Yeah!! I love when I'm involved in momma's and teta's yoga sessions."
Wow,so cool right?

"I don’t know if I’ll ever tour again" - Adele

Image result for adele

In a fan letter included in her program at Wembley Stadium in London,The 'Hello' singer revealed she may not tour again. It read;
"So this is it.
After 15 months on the road and 18 months of 25 we are at the end. we have taken this tour across UK + Ireland,throughout Europ,all over America and finally got to go to Australia and New Zealand too.“Touring is a peculiar thing, it doesn’t suit me particularly well. I’m a real homebody and I get so much joy in the small things. Plus I’m dramatic and have a terrible history of touring. Until now that is!” “I only ever did this tour for you and to hopefully have an impact on you the way that some of my favorite artists have had on me live. And I wanted my final shows to be in London because I don’t know if I’ll ever tour again and so I want my last time to be at home.”
What do y'all this about Adele teasing fans like this (if its not taking album release break, it;s announcing a 10 year tour break)? Well,she did write that she is dramatic.... Are you upset or just over it? Well,i'm over it... like whatever happens,happens.

Mariah Carey Take A Swim In Diamonds

Vision of leopard: Mariah Carey posted this extravagant snap in Israel's Dead Sea on Thursday

Such a Diva! Mariah Carey is currently in Israel to promote her collaboration with Skin care company and decided to take a dip in the country's Dead sea. The 47-year-old wore a low cut leopard print one-piece swimsuit in diamond choker that looks like the  $500,000 choker her ex-fiance James Packer gifted her during their relationship. She accessorized a little more with earrings, bracelets and mirrored aviator sunglasses.

Niyola Schools' Ladies On Being A Queen With Her Nude Photo

EME (Empire Mates Entertainment) first lady,Niyola took to her instagram to educate ladies on being a Queen... Well,with a nude photo,covering her modesty with her arms. She wrote;
"Ladies! A Queen is a king maker, not just the wife of a king o! She bears the princess and prince who is to become king and SHE prepares him to be king all his life. She has a whole community look up to her to learn and emulate.
A Queen protects, exudes Grace, honour, RESPECT, self-control, wisdom! What you are clad in doesn't make you queen , not even a crown . Being royal is innate . It is NOT queenly to have an unbridled tongue and a lousy attitude.
Being rude doesn't make you seem tough, it makes you RUDE and classless!"
We hear o.... 

Celine Dion's Unusual Style In Paris

Celine Dion in brown coat
Celine Dion who is currently in France for her highly anticipated European tour after spending a couple of days in London was spotted in this unusal outfit. The 49-year-old looked different in thigh-high suede boots,ridiculous floor-length brown snakeskin coat, printed tiger t-shirt, baker boy hat and black sunglasses.

Wow! Not a style i would recommend for her but ok....Guess she is trying something new.
Celine Dion

Spotted :Drake & Nigerian Reporter, Ros Gold-Onwude at the NBA Awards

Rapper Drake and Nigerian reporter, Ros Gold-Onwude were spotted at the NBA Awards,hosted by the 'Hotline Bling" crooner. The cute duo hit the red carpet together at Pier 36 in New York and everyone is wondering if they decided to give it a go since the 30-year-old have been crushing on Ros since 2015.
Drake and Ros Gold-Onwude at the NBA Awards 2017

Drake shared the photo (above) back in 2015 on his instagram crushing on the reporter after they met during a basketball game. Ros is a hottie,she should be careful though,Drake seems to be a player....

Cristiano Ronaldo Welcomes Twins Via Surrogate

Cristiano Ronaldo posted this photograph of him meeting his newborn twins for the first time

Football star, Cristiano Ronaldo finally meet his twin babies after Portugal were knocked out of the Confederations Cup on wednesday night. The 32-year-old shared a photo(above) with his new born,Eva and Mateo born via a surrogate mother on the west coast of America. He captioned;'Happy to be able to hold the two new loves of my life.'

Congrats to him. Ronaldo have a seven year-old son,Cristiano Jnr and his 22-year old girlfriend is rumored to be pregnant.

Actress Funke Akindele & Hubby Expecting Twins

Funke Akindele and her King, JJC Skillz
Comedienne,Funke Akindele is expecting twins with husband JJC Skillz. The 'Jenide' star hubby shared the news via instagram and wrote;
"Amen amen amen. God, I receive your wonderful news in praise. To God be the glory  you will be called a mother by your beautiful miraculous twins @funkejenifaakindele my queen and wonderful mother of my children to be."
Aww,this is great news!
JJC Skillz hints at twin babies