Segun Arinze's Daughter,Renny Call Him Out On Social Media

20-year-old daughter of Nollywood actor,Segun Arinze,Renny called out her dad for wishing her happy birthday on social media and not calling her. Segun wrote;
"Wow! Time sure does fly! My Daughter Renny is 20!!" the actor wrote. "I wish you great wisdom, good health, long life, deep knowledge and whatever you lay your hands on will prosper. You will be a role model to your peers. Ann God bless you for doing a great job! Happy Birthday Renny.”
Renny replies at the comment section;
"What’s the meaning of this Sir? You didn’t tag me, you don’t know my IG handle either. You’ve tagged other people and bloggers and you didn’t even have the courtesy to call me to wish me a happy birthday and you’re doing this online? What a pity. I would overly appreciate it if you stopped this. God bless."
She also corrected him for spelling her mother's name Anne Njemanze (Actress and Segun's first wife) wrong;
"One more thing sir, my mother's name is spelt "Anne" not Ann. Stop being the rain on my parade and stop spreading lies. I have never insulted you. STOP THESE LIES"
The actor took down the post afterwards. Yikes,that's gotta hurt,talk about bad blood.  Meanwhile,i really don't get why someone close to me won't call,DM or private chat me on my birthday and then go on social media and do that? Like what is that?

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