NO!!! Snow White,Charming,Belle,Wicked Witch & Henry Are Leaving ABC's Once Upon A Time

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Reports just revealed that The Charmings:Snow White and Prince Charming played by Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas,Belle played by Emilie de Ravin, Rebecca Mader (The Wicked Witch Of The West) and Jared Gilmore (Henry) will not be returning to the next season of ABC's hit show,Once Upon on Time.
Series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis paid gushing tribute to their stars in a statement, saying: 'Words can't do justice to what Ginny, Josh, Emilie, Rebecca and Jared brought to Once Upon A Time… but we'll try.'
Both out: Others not returning are Jennifer Morrison, who played Snow and Charming's daughter Emma Swan, and Jared S. Gilmore, who kicked off the fantasy drama in October 2011 by noticing the resemblance between things happening in his book of fairy tales and real life
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They described Ginny as 'reinventing Snow White for a modern audience' while Josh turned Prince Charming into 'a complex man fighting for love and family.' 
Emilie 'took the character of Belle to a deep and soulful place' 'and 'Rebecca took us on a broomstick roller coaster ride as she re-invented the Wicked Witch of the West by finding the pain beneath the green.' 
They continued: 'Jared literally grew up before the eyes of millions, from a child actor ... to a young man ...who created a character who truly, as we say on the show, has the heart of the truest believer. 
'We can't thank them enough for the hard work, dedication and passion they delivered day in and day out. Without them there would be no Once Upon A Time.' 

Calling the characters 'the beating heart of the show,' Horowitz and Kitsis signaled that all may return in future episodes.
However, despite their kind words, Rebecca has revealed that the decision to leave the show was not hers.
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She wrote on Instagram: 'To my Darling Pretties, A lot of you have been asking if I will be joining everyone in Season 7, so I wanted to let you know personally that unfortunately I am not.
End of the affair: Robert Carlyle will be back for next season as Mr. Gold, aka Rumpelstiltskin, but his love interest, Emilie de Ravin as Belle, will not

I am really heart broken by this cos Snow and charming are the heart and soul of the show. How are things going to be now? Well,it is about fairy tales,so the show will definitely continue since there are more stories to tell. But they will all be missed.

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