Miley Cyrus' New Music 'Malibu' Video

 Feminine and floaty: The video is dream-like and filled with smiles and sunshine 

Okay Miley Cyrus is giving us the 'feels' in this new music video. I don't know,some people are calling it "the old Miley" while some are saying "the new Miley" ,well i'm calling it "the in-love Miley". The video dropped yesterday and it already has over 2.6 million views and counting...It has a country/reggae funk rhythm. Miley Cyrus - Malibu ,Watch video below;

Working romance: Liam did shoot the cover art of the single, which Miley dropped on her Instagram Wednesday
She shared on her Instagram yesterday and revealed her on and off fiance Liam shot the cover art of the single.

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