Chapter Two : The Fifth And The Last Child

                                                            Antonia’s Admission
Nina and her siblings were not properly taken care of because their mother was not around. Their father was always at work and left them in the hands of his new wife and their elderly cousins.
He never really paid attention to their needs. Her eldest sister, Antonia was the apple of their father’s eyes; as the first child and a girl, he loved her beyond words and did things for her that he could not do for the others but that changed with time. She got admission into another university after her diploma and needed some amount of money for the registration. She informed her dad, he agreed and gives her the money then this happened;

Stepmother: what did Antonia tell you about admission?
Dad: she said she has gotten admission in the east.
Stepmother: what kind of admission is that? She has met some people that want to deceive her and take her money. Honey, you know the restaurant needs renovation and we are running out of customers.
Dad: oh that’s true and I’m wasting my money on a fake admission. I better get it back. Antonia! (Shouting her name)
 Antonia: Sir!
Dad: Where is the money I gave to you?
Antonia: Daddy, I have already paid for the form.
Dad: you what!! Who asked you to pay?
Antonia: but you gave it to me.
Dad: (beating her) you better go and get my money from whoever you gave it to. Or I’ll beat the living day light out of you.
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When she (Antonia) was younger, her dad always cherish her, gets her anything she wants, takes her to school and sometimes takes her back home. And as the first daughter, he wanted the best for her and didn’t want to see any boy around her but everything changed because her stepmother was jealous and wanted him to love and care for her own children.

After her (Antonia) secondary school, she started making her hair beautifully and was becoming prettier. She had envious and bad friends that just wanted to deceive her by introducing her to men, taking her to clubs and keeping late nights. After all her dad comes back late, since her gets to the restaurant after work and stays their till midnight.

Stepmother: Antonia has started having boyfriends
Dad: It’s not possible. Does she want me to deal with her?
Stepmother: I heard one of her useless friends just had an abortion.
Dad: my God! What are these children turning into these days?
After some days, her dad was driving and saw her walking home with her male colleague .he pulled over…
Dad: So it’s true? Before I say Jack Robinson, I want to see you in this car.

He took her home and started beating her and screaming at their elderly cousin to get the clipper in his room and instructed him to start shaving her hair. Antonia kept begging and crying as their elderly cousin they call Uncle shaved her hair.
Dad: look at how you dress and makeup like a masquerade. If you get pregnant in my house, I will disown you! Useless girl, you are a disgrace.
Antonia: (crying) daddy please I didn’t do anything please.
Dad: shave off all that hair, let me know that thing that is making you feel like you should have a boyfriend.
Antonia: (crying deeply)
Dad: shut up!!
Few days later, Tonia got over everything that her siblings were all making fun of her shaved skin cut, calling her “the cobra” from a nollywood movie “Rattle snake” played by Segun Arinze.
Every day was hell for Antonia and her siblings, especially her. Their step mom always treats them like destitute to the extent that their father’s friends never even knew they were his children. Their step mom made Antonia and her brothers serve at the restaurant because she could not handle the sales girls she hires, complaining about their attitudes. At the restaurant, when their father gets drunk, he makes fun of them and calls them names. The second son,Kelvin was still in school but he goes to the restaurant after school closing time and stays there till sometimes 12.00 midnight,, the latest is and he is still expected to get up early the next day for school.

They were always indoors, except they are going to school, church, restaurant for the boys and market for the girls. Their father is very accommodating, generous and funny; he loved to accommodate his friend’s children, his relation and wives’ relation. Sometimes they sleep in the same room with the kids. The five children stayed in the same room while the other two boys (yes, their step mum had another son afterwards) had their own room. The five kids always stuck together no matter what. Sometimes, they call themselves the Jackson five or famous five (Remember that soap opera?). Out of the five, their dad really loved the first son, Nate and the second girl, Sarah especially the second girl. He pampered her a lot; he doesn’t let her to do anything. When she washes the dishes she makes sure she breaks them, she destroys almost everything she lays her hands on because she wasn’t use to doing much and that angered their step mum but somehow she could not make the love their father had for her change like she did with the first daughter.

They (Famous five as they would call themselves) never had textbooks , due to the time they go to bed at night, wake up in the morning and do one or two errands, they go school late, and they don’t get the time to do assignments nor read for test or exams. Coupled with the absence of their mother, they were not doing well in school. It was affecting their emotional, psychological, social and moral life. With everything they were going through, they have some childhood friends that really love them but their parents tried to keep them apart because no one liked their children to be associated with kids from a broken home.

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