Chapter One : The Fifth And The Last Child

all started with the separation of her parents. Her dad was posted to somewhere
far from where they lived and started living with another and got her pregnant.
Then he decided to bring his five children to this other home he had. He
brought three at first and then decided to bring the other two.
dad who is this?
Dad: She’s going to be
helping us around the house.
Antonia: Okay
Dad: take your little siblings to freshen up and come eat.

stayed without knowing the help was going to be their step mother. Some of
their cousins and family comes around to see them and it took a while before
they started asking of their mother and that they wanted to go back to their
Nathan: Daddy, what of
Dad: She’s busy, you’ll see
her soon.
Stepmother: When are you
going to let these kids know I’m not the maid? (She spoke in her native
language due to her lack of education)
Dad: Soon
Stepmother: I’m tired; they
need to start doing things on their own.

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mother pays them a visit sometimes. She buys clothes, toothbrush, sponge,
buckets etc. Since the other woman didn’t care and started maltreating them.
One time she visited, her kids started asking questions;
Nina: Mum, why are you not
always around?
Mom: Your daddy doesn’t want
me around
Nina: Why?
You cannot understand now. I want you to do something for me, all of you. When
you all are asked who you prefer between your father and I, please pick me.
Mummy I don’t understand. Why would we have to pick between you and dad? What’s
going on?
Don’t ask questions okay! Just do that when the time comes. I have to go now I’ll
see you all some other time.
Nina: When mum?                                                                                                    
Mum: don’t know yet, but
soon. Bye!
The other woman comes out,
Mom: Husband snatcher,
prostitute, God will surely reward you (she spoke in their native language since
her kids don’t understand it.)
Stepmother: Who are you
calling a husband snatcher, how dare you?
start fighting until people gathered to separate them. After sometime their
father had to open up to them that she was their new mother. She started given
orders immediately that she should always be greeted and whenever they were
called they should answer “MA”. They make fun of the new name ‘Ma’ when they
are called upon. After some months, their step mum welcomed a baby. That was
the beginning of a disaster for the five children while for the baby, royalty!
It was a baby boy; he was always treated like a prince, celebrated every
birthday and always got what he wanted. That was the last time any of the five
kids ever celebrated their birthday. The last of the five, was three when this
whole disaster started, she didn’t know what it’s like to have a mother, all
she could see was hatred in the eyes of the woman her father claim to be her
new mother.
This story is going to be centred on the fifth kid.
grew up unloved and not cared for. Her dad took her from one school to another
due to his job posting. She had different friends from different schools and
they didn’t really last for long due to changing of schools and the fact that
she was from a separated home, some of her friends parents didn’t permit their
children around her and her siblings. She started growing up to her teens and
started having peer pressure from her classmates. She was a very smart kid but
due to the issues she faces at home she tries to concentrate in school and she
met some pretty good friends that despite where she came from and what she goes
through, they still loved and wanted to be with her.
her junior secondary school 3 she had a crush on a boy; sit was her first
crush, he was tall and really handsome, half-cast (that’s what it’s called
then). She taught he was really cute little did she know, the boy was into her very
good friend. You know when you really need someone that you think is cute to
walk up to you and talk to you but because he was a boarder (student that live
in school) and she was a day student it wasn’t going to work out (Yeah, her
secondary school kind of segregates boarders from day student, boarders think
they are more exposed and cool because they travel more)…Until she discovered
he was interested in her friend and wasn’t really a gentleman to her ,She felt
he wasn’t the guy she expected him to be. Nina has a very cute brother that
some girls wanted to be her friend because of him and his friends because of

her ss1 she went to science class because she wanted to become a medical
doctor. Although, she loved music a lot that she wanted to have her own band
and someday become a solo artist like Beyonce from destiny’s child. She wanted
to form a group with her friends but they weren’t showing any sign of
seriousness. They kept saying when they were through with secondary school they
could go into it. At that time, her cousin was staying with them and she became
so close to him because she had no one to talk to. Her elder sister that she
used to tell some personal things like her period and some changes in her body
wasn’t around that much because of college. Her dad comes back very late at
night from the restaurant her rented for her stepmother and expected her and
her siblings to be up when they get back to open the gates. All her father’s
money either goes to his wife and her brothers, his brothers and their children
or his friends.


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