What Does A Perfect Date Look Or Feel Like?

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We have read a lot of books, romantic comedies, magazines on how the perfect date should look like, perfect guy, perfect outfits and all of that... But really, nothing and no one is perfect, though we strive for perfection. These books, movies, magazines are not always right because the truth is; it all depends on what we want at the time, our moods and what works for us. Sometimes just being with that person that sets your heart on fire is the perfect date for most people, no matter where you take them or how much you spend. So what is the perfect date? The perfect date for you might be the worst date for me and vice versa.

Being in the dating scene for some time (I'm not as old as i sound, lol) now, it can be really exhausting especially when you feel like there is not thrill anymore; it's either you are meeting at a fast food joint, local joint ,bar, lounge, shopping mall, cinema, or club and so on. I don't know if it because it’s in Nigeria and there are not much cool places around or our (Nigerian) men are not just that creative. The thing is, when i plan to go on a date with a guy, I just feel like it’s the same ol same old and to worsen matters, the guy turns out to be cocky, boring, stingy or just not the one (I’ll get to that when i find him, lol).Just living the shower, and i just asked myself; what do i really need from a date right now? And you know what came to mind? A spar date! I know?! It’s unexpected but surprisingly, most women look forward to a relaxing date and not something she has to cross off her schedule.
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Just imagine surprising that lady on the first date, especially a working class lady that has to deal with a lot of s*2t at work and decides to go on a date with you, seeking for a form of solace, serenity, safe and relaxing atmosphere. Think about taking her to a spar; both of you getting massages, smoothies, and facial treatments... everything the spar place have to offer. And it's not losing your masculinity, you are giving her what she wants and what you (who says no to stress relieving therapy? Uh, no one) also want. I'm not saying it should be an all-time thing or on every first date but sometimes a girl just needs some pampering. Just eating and drinking out alone can be quite boring especially on the first date and i know you might say the first date is about getting to know each other but what if you get to know each other by actions and not just talking.

The best way to get to know someone is by actually doing stuff with them, observing how they act/react to any of these activities and not asking questions. Cos people lie about who they are sometimes or tell you what they want you to know or think you want to know. Though the spar date isn't the perfect date, it’s just what came to mind after a very cool shower but if i were to go on a date right now, that would be my perfect date. So in the end, it’s about changing things up, doing the unusual. Some ladies might want a noisy environment; some might want a quiet environment. It's also good to ask what they feel like doing, though you don't have to ask directly. That is why you should call before the date to know her mood by the tone of her voice and also the type of day she had so you could tell what she needs and what she doesn’t. Some guys might find the Spar date (I repeat, it mustn't be this! It's just my thought) quite expensive but trust me, if she is not happy after that first date, there won't be a second one. So why not put your best for that very first date that could seal the deal? And it’s not like these ladies can't afford a spar date, she might not have thought of it nor has time for it. As human beings, we stress ourselves so much that we forget to live right; we keep eating the same crappy food cos its close by or available at the moment, we skip meditating, exercising or doing something relaxing cos we have to get up early to work, settle bills and so on...But having that person that just miraculously gives you what you need it’s like the best thing in the world at the time.
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I just imagine a guy taking me to a spar, we are both getting massaged and I’m just making tiring but relaxing sounds, sipping fresh fruits, getting my manicure and pedicure on… The way I will so thank him, it would seem like we did something else, lol. He could either drop me off home or we can still go for that dinner, either way that would be the best date in a very long time.  Just my opinion though. What do you think ladies and gentlemen? Not bad for a first date right?So Tell me what a perfect date to you look or feel like?

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