Tracy Daniel Diaries : First Cut Is The Deepest

Tracy Daniel Diaries : Dont You Just Hate...

Tracy Daniels is beautiful, intelligent, creative, inquisitive, imaginative, stubborn, compassionate, nurturing, an introvert but can be very social when necessary but sometimes she has no idea who she is. She knows what she wants most of the time and how to go for it but she lacks the confidence, patience, clouded with self-doubts, distracted by life and people. Also, due to her background and everything she’s been through, sometimes she feels it’s impossible to succeed; to be who she is meant to be, who she dreams she can be ,who the world think she is. After spending three (3) years at home, Tracy got admission into the university (well, sort of but she started with a pre-degree). Tracy and her brother were in the same school, the campus was located in a very timid village, people from different parts of the country attended as well.

Before now, Tracy has never lived in a hostel before; the introvert that she is, she loved to observe people before associating with them. She also took the advice of her very close cousin; not to discuss her background with anyone. He never told her why but after some years, Tracy understood why; her cousin was just trying to protect her. Probably, due to experience he never wanted her to be vulnerable to people or be taken advantage of.

Tracy and her bunk mate, Kate got really close and attended classes together. On a Wednesday, the students were waiting for their math’s teacher to arrive. The hall was filled with student voices, Tracy and Kate were sitting in front of Kelvin and his friend, Austin. Their Math lecturer finally arrived and started giving his boring lecture as usual, Tracy and Kate were being attentive but Kelvin and his friend were poking fun at his teaching which was really distracting for Tracy “good student”. Tracy faced back to Kelvin;

Tracy: Shhhh (then faced front).

Kelvin had this boyish facial appearance and charm. Though, it wasn’t cute at first.

Kelvin: Shhhh (being silly)

Tracy: We are trying to listen here (whispering)

Kelvin: At what? This joker… (The Math teacher was slurring with his words and Kelvin made more fun with him) Uh Uh…the probability…haha

Tracy smiled and shook her head. She was writing something down but her concentration was no longer in the lecture. The lecture was over and Tracy was headed to her hostel when Kelvin stopped her and introduced himself.

Kelvin: Hey!  (Walking behind Tracy) I’m Chuks.

Tracy: Hi (Celine)

Tracy gave herself a different name when she got to the campus because she heard a lot about what happens in campuses; how cultist track female students , if they rude to them ,how lecturers fail students if their sexual advances were unsuccessful….

Kelvin: How did you find the lecture?

Tracy: Not educative, thanks to you (rolls her eyes)

Kelvin: But fun? (Smirks) .Tracy shakes her head and keeps walking. So,um where are you headed?

Tracy: To my hostel.

Kelvin: Ok and what next?

Tracy: Don’t know, sleep, and prepare something to eat.

Kelvin: Ok, will you be there till tomorrow.

Tracy: Maybe, it depends.

They were both getting close to their hostels. The boys’ hostel is just a block away from the girl’s hostel.

Kelvin: Ok, I’ll see around. Take care

Tracy: Ok bye.

Though there were things like GSM, the network in that village was terrible, no electricity though they had a public generator they put on when it’s dark and off by 12 midnight. Very few students had mobile phones. Tracy’s older brother was the one with the cellphone, in case their dad needs to speak to them. Almost every student had their stoves and had a general kitchen. Tracy prepares food every afternoon and takes them to her brother’s hostel. Her brother bares the same name with Kelvin but he didn’t know that. She took lunch to her brother’s hostel (well, close to his hostel) one afternoon and asked one of the guys to call him.

Tracy: Hello, please can you help me call Kelvin.

Hostel boy: Ok. (Walked in to the hostel)

Few minutes later, the other Kelvin appeared and started walking towards her.

Kelvin: Hey you! Looking for me?

Tracy: Uh, nope! Just cos I’m in front of boys’ hostel, doesn’t mean I’m waiting for you.

Kelvin: Ok,but someone told me you asked for me.

Tracy: No I asked for Kelvin not you.

Kelvin : I’m Kelvin.

Tracy: Oh, thought your name is Chuks?

Kelvin: Chuks and Kelvin. Kelvin is my English name.

Tracy: Oh Okay, my brother’s name is Kelvin.

Kelvin: Kelvin is your brother? Ok,I know him.

Tracy: Yeah.

Kelvin: Ok, good seeing you again. Though I was really hoping that was for me. (Walks away facing Tracy)

Tracy: (smiles) yeah, bye.

Tracy’s brother, Kelvin walks out of his hostel door and sites Tracy from afar and walked towards her to get his dinner though it was made early.

Kelvin: What happened?

Tracy: Nothing, just a misunderstanding.

Kevin: Speaking of misunderstanding…Who is Celine?

Tracy: Hahaha (feeling somewhat embarrassed), just a name I cooked up.

Kevin: Hmm, ok o (Kelvin grabs his dinner and heads to his hostel and Tracy did the same)

Tracy was in Hostel B. The hostel had a mini hall and two rooms; she was in the room by the left. Tracy and Kate went to the stream to fetch water which is about a mile from their hostel. They got back, had their bath and were preparing to go for night class; where students go to read, well some of them…. And since it was at night, most of them were on their pyjamas and night gowns with robes. Tracy is the type of person that imagine things a lot ,sometimes heard stories and most times it leads to imagining the best and worst situation of things. Therefore, she stuck to wearing pyjama pants, a top and a cardigan but with time she started wearing night gowns when the environment seemed safe to some extent.

To be continued….

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