5 Reasons Why She Might Not Be Into You

You know when you see this very beautiful girl and hope she would be yours someday (Maybe not wife but have something intimate) but she's not just giving you a green light? Trust me, sometimes it's not just you, she’s not that into you. Asking a girl/lady out for weeks and she's not responding can be very annoying (maybe not always since y'all love the chase) and I’d like to give you reasons why this happens. I know men love a challenge but then if she is not interested in you, she is really not interested and I’m sure with time you will begin to see the signs. So let me save you some time and trouble...So you could know when to back out and "chase" the next available bae. Therefore i have mentioned five reasons why she might not be into you;

-You look like her terrible Ex

Yep! Weird as it sounds, it’s true. If you happen to look like her ex that was a complete douche, then I’m pretty sure she wouldn't even give you her phone number to begin with (childish but it happens). And to make matters worse; maybe you come from the same state or you sound exactly like him (that's if she gives you the chance to talk to her any further), that’s a deal breaker. Where looking like her ex might not be so bad, is if he used to be really good to her and she had a really nice memory of him. I dated a guy once cos he looked like my ex...My good ex, he was more like the one that got away (my ex). This guy talked like my ex, looked like my ex, well the not so cute version of him (trying not to use the word ugly cos my ex was really fine,lol). Apart from the fact that he looked like my ex, he was caring (at some point) and persistent at some point.

-She's not attracted to you

As shallow as that may sound, it’s another reason. And don't get me wrong; attraction is not just physical. You could be very attractive but have a very annoying personality. And attraction is not just physical, though that's what we see before an actual conversation. So yeah, some ladies have an idea of the type of man they want physically or are attracted to physically and if they are not seeing that they just can't be into you no matter how nice you are. Unless, you have a good personality that she is attracted to, then it might just work. But how can she find that out when she doesn't see you that way. According to Carrie Bradshaw, she calls it the "Za za zoo”, some call it spark, some say desire, some say passion. It just has to be there, if not making out would be really awkward and just icky.

-No connection "Chemistry"

Have you ever met someone {lady} that accepted to go on a date with you and seem pretty excited about it, attended the date and avoided you after that one date? When this happens, it’s possible she discovered you both have nothing in common and it's just not going to work. The thing is, some people can really tell from the first date, if it's actually going to work. Nervousness aside, you know from the way you interact, his views and values...Most of us (women) start envisioning their lives with you from just a conversation or a thought. And when it seems like you are going south while they are going north, they just know it not there. Have you ever been with someone that just gets you? And I’m not just talking about finishing your sentence, someone that seems to be on the same page with you. Likes what you like, have almost the same values as you...a common interest. I'm not saying a couple should be alike, after all opposite attract but they should have the same goals, understanding...basically connection.

-You are just not the type of man she desires

Okay while some ladies don't just give a guy they are not attracted to a chance, some (ladies) actually give some (men) a chance. These type of women (mostly in their thirties), look at dating differently and are passed that age where they lived in fantasies and not reality. They feel they are not getting any younger and most of their friends are married and have kids, therefore they should just give that guy (that they are probably not attracted to but he his "disturbing" them) a chance and who knows, he might turn out to be what they always wanted. Well, that’s just the desperation talking or working,

-She's not looking for a relationship (commitment) at that time

I know y'all might be like seriously? Most women always want to be in relationships. Believe me, not all women (these women know what they want and if they don't see it in these men, they just would not bother) are obsessed with being in relationships. Yes, they want to get married but it's not like their lives depends on it. You have noticed when you ask a lady out and she is not interested, it could be that she is not looking for a relationship at a time or she just got out of an exhausting relationship and just need some space from men (you know...like a sabbatical). It could also be one that has been in a very long and unfulfilling relationship that she just wants to have flings and nothing serious. I know the next question is "what if i don't want anything serious as well"? Well, she doesn't know that, she probably see you as a boyfriend material but the time is not right.

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