Annie Idibia’s Romantic Message To Tuface

Aww,Annie is one hopeless romantic… Her message to hubby,Tuface really moved me. She wrote on her instagram;

“I stared at this image for atleast 15mins or even more… and realised I was tearing up😢😢The picture made me feel all “types of ways” And the love in my heart towards Innocent just tripled instantly.. I know we will grow old n die someday,but God please I want spend all my days with him ,grow old with him and die beside to him.. I can’t Live if I have to do that without him.. I won’t survive it! Life Without Him won’t be worth it again.. Sad that When we grow old n grey ,1 of us will go before the other,but please can we at least grow very old together and GO together.. All of our kids n grandkids would have been all grown,graduates and well established by your grace lord.. so they will be fine..when we go. Amen. #Annie’sMidnightTots”

What it means to love truly…. Wish the Idibia’s the best.

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