When Did This Happen? Drake & Jennifer Lopez Dating?

Drake and Jennifer Lopez pose for an Instagram photo.

One Dance star Drake and Jennifer Lopez shared this cozy photo on their instagram pages on the 27th of December,2016 and we (i am)are hoping this is a publicity stunt cos 1. Drake professed his love for Rihanna

2. Rihanna adores J’lo and they have become best of pals
3.Well,it’s not just right!
Don’t get me wrong i love Jennifer Lopez but common! You could have any man you want why Drake (Rihanna supposed true love)?
I’m trying to believe its a publicity stunt and these two are working on a collabo but then Riri unfollowed (Well,according to the shade room) J’lo on her instagram, I know?! And J’lo’s history with younger guys in search of true love,this might just be true.
Drake i know you might feel like the biggest player on the planet and you are just doing you thing but i don’t see it that way… Seriously how can you go from expressing your feelings for Rihanna on stage and then do this?I love girl power and i really don’t like men that cause issues between two in this 
case iconic stylish pop female pals. Guess,it’s all show business then???
After Drake shared this photo two weeks ago ,we were hoping for a collaboration but it seems its not the case giving the recent intimate photo.
What do y’all think? Publicity stunt or dating?

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