Beautiful Christmas Photo Of Toyin Lawani & Kids

Business woman and fashion designer,Toyin Lawani shared some beautiful Christmas family (well,except her husband and i wonder why…Been away from blogging too long) photos with her two kids. With this inspirational message;

No one can take my confidence Away from me,Nor my crown,A Real Queenđź‘‘Doesn’t need a king to complete her,She is strong and she is Determined to survive cause of The fruits from her womb,she doesn’t wait for A king Before she feeds her fruits,Put your Trust in God not men,To all the moms out there,Take control over your life,Stop Taking Abuse cause you don’t know where to turn or Cause you are lazy and don’t want to work with your Hands,You are used to taking instead of Giving,God forbid your king might fall one day,
What then happens to you and your Fruits✌🏻Think well,Then the skeletons in his cupboard will start popping out,Every woman needs to Build something for herself,we don’t only Belong in the kitchen,But the kitchen is also important,so learn how to juggle your various Talents and manage your home by doing your duties,But with a Good partner and good support system you will scale stepping into 2017 in his Glory.merry Christmas from Tiannahs Empire🙏.

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