RMD’s Inspiring Message To Young Girls

We all need a little bit of encouragement now and then (you know,someone reminding us how great we all are and telling us not to give up).And Nollywood actor,Richard Mofe Damijo did just that and it really motivating. The sexy grandpa shared the photo of his daughters and granddaughter on his social page in honor of the International Girl Child day which took place yesterday, Oct 11. He wrote;

“Dear girl-child,
irrespective of your age, pedigree, social status, race, tribe, faith and/or appearance, you have the ability to be who or what you wish to be. Everything you need is on the inside of you, so all you need is to look within.
You don’t have to be skinny to look good in a dress. You don’t have to be tall to be gorgeous, you don’t have to have long curly hair to be fabulous, no matter your skin colour, YOU-ARE-BEAUTIFUL!!! You don’t need a man to fulfil your dreams, you don’t need a foreign accent to “be all that”… You just chin out, square out, keep your head up, take a deep breath and take the world by storm.
Again, EVERYTHING-YOU-NEED-IS-INSIDE-OF-YOU, never, forget it.
And to those of you who think it’s too late or think you did not start on time, -nah baby, it is NEVER too late to start so start today.
As a proud father and grandfather, I say Happy International Day of THE GIRL CHILD to all of you amazing girls


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