Hilarious Memes Of Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston's "#Hiddleswift" Breakup

Lol,internet trolls have no chill...barely 24hours to Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston split,and the memes keep rolling in.
One said her phone battery last longer,lol. Well,you can't blame them,after Hiddleswift rubbed their relationship in our faces. More below;
  Jumping for joy! Many fans took to celebrating the splitIt took approximately three months for Taylor Swift's latest romance to crash and burn; And it did not take long for the meme generators to go into overdrive as Twitter rejoiced with hilarious jabs aimed at the pop singer's short-lived fling with Tom HiddlestonWord! Some fans speculated about the Kardashian clan's response to the whole shebang Cheers! Some fans looked to be unabashedly celebrating the splitHarsh: Many fans blamed the pop star for the splitWhile others just found the whole public nature of the romance laughableCynical: Fans of the pair were slightly cynical about the stories coming from both partiesThey say what? The majority seemed to be quite cynical about the whole affair'Young and free': Showing a picture of Tom holding up a 'Young and free' billboard, some imagined that Tom had had a lucky escapeYawn: One Twitter user seemed bored by the whole thing Loving the drama: While another fan just couldn't get enough of itRejoicing: While Tom and Taylor may have been sad, some were celebratingSeems to happen quite a lot! While many were not surprised by the news

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