Hilarious Jennifer Aniston Memes Amidst Brangelina's Divorce

One of the memes uses a classic Friends quotes: 'I mean, isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, split-on-your-neck fantastic'

You gotta give it to internet,they waste no time with the memes. Check out some funny meme's of Jennifer Aniston's reaction to Brad Pitt and Angelina's divorce....

Hundreds of social media users have shared hilarious Jennifer Aniston memes following Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's shock split

The actress was pictured punching the air with a look of elation on her face with the caption: 'Such sad news that Brad and Angelina couldn't make it work.'

Anniston seemingly waving goodbye to Angelina, who married Brad after the pair split

One user, Amanda, likened hearing about the split to walking into a burning building

Jay T joked that Taylor Swift, famous for snapping up the eligible bachelors of the moment, may have designs on Brad Pitt now he is single again 

Another user chose this image of Joey looking shocked to best describe her reaction to the news today

Tom Harlock also shared a shot of Jennifer snapping away on an iPhone camera

The actress, who was dumped by Brad in 2005 in favour of Angelina, can be seen in various states of glee in the clips and memes flooding Twitter

Gavin Overfield seems moved to tears by the news that the iconic Hollywood couple have split

King Natles jokes that today is 'redemption day' for Jennifer Anniston fans everywhere

In one of the memes, Jennifer is seen dancing around in a bright red cheerleader's uniform - another classic scene from Friends

Jennifer was seen grinning and winking when someone asked: 'What do you think about Brad and Angelina divorcing?'

This user, Amy, was clearly so distraught that she is finding it difficult to go about her day

Alex Williamson uses this hilarious picture of Mr Bean to describe how everyone was stopped in their tracks by the announcement today

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