Quick Tips On How To Mainatain Your Wardrobe

FEATURED POST – The writer of this post shares how he maintains his wardrobe which comprises of clothes,shoes,belts and bags or will i say man purse. Enjoy!

Okay guys,here quick tips on how to maintain your wardrobe which includes; clothes,shoes,belt and purses. This tips are certified okay if properly used. But keep in mind that you want to actually buy what you can maintain till it expires as a product.This year 2016 is the type of year that many people have been advised to work  with a budget in order to save unnecessary expense as though we can see that times are economically  challenging.So when you see guys and ladies looking good, dressing neat, and smart this period,just know that it isn’t much about buying those items but maintaining them.

There are  lots of people out there who change clothes like the weather.This are people with the luxury to order clothes from classy stores and need not worry about maintaining clothes because the dry cleaner does all that.But if you are like me who does the washing manually, dries them under the sun,iron them personally,and still gather all the eyes in those rowdy bus stops and BRT parks in Lagos,then this is for you.So just stick around for that.

                                                     MAINTAINING CLOTHES.

#Tip1.Buy quality to maintain value.
Now for starters,to maintain anything,it must have a certain value or quality worth maintaining.Value  is  value  everywhere and it doesn’t cost anything much as opposed to what a lot of us think.You honestly don’t want a shirt that the colors washes away as soon as it get immersed in water even before adding detergent.

#Tip2.Save for your wardrobe.
For what its worth,the ability to save can’t be over emphasized.I learnt how to save when I had nothing and I’m better for it.I was the type that never use to have good clothes but I saved to buy many of the things I own now not just clothes.Once,I was deprived of an important event as i wasn’t allowed  into the premises of the hotel that hosted the event because I didn’t look the part.I learnt from that experience to always look good no matter the circumstance.At least,just look good even if you ain’t got money in your pocket,don’t let your dress sense show you’re broke.Call it packaging,you’ll be right.In the days of humble beginnings,save up.In the days of surplus,save up.And it’s actually a crime not to look good this days.

#Tip3.Use bar soaps instead of detergents

Since many detergents bleach colors,bar soaps appears to be a viable option for me.Maybe because of the chemical content in them that kills germs but kill colors as well and they are quite acidic which is a no no.The idea behind the use of bar soaps for washing  is to keep the color of the cloth for a longer time.For best results,use bathing soaps with popular brands that are well packaged and not those other ones with poor quality and ordinary scents that messes up with your clothes

                                                       MAINTAINING SHOES.
#Tip4.Vary your shoes

The best way to maintain shoes is to have them in more than one,two,or three pairs.I usually tell myself that ‘the condition of my shoe tells you about me’ and this makes me keep things in check.It is pleasing to have enough shoes so as to change shoes from time to time but avoid excesses by not having too much like an uncle of mine who has up to 32 shoes and boosts about it.

 #Tip5.Use solid based polish instead of liquid .

The use of liquid polish does nothing but peel the shoe leather and as time goes by,it renders the sole weak.Also avoid letting shoes dry in the sun after polishing.I’m all for room temperature,because in that way shoes are kept in their best condition.

#Tip6.stick with your shoe size.

As a factor of classic conditioning due to parts of my childhood,when my mother bought for her children bigger sized shoes thinking we’ll grow into them but we never did.So i continued to wear bigger sized shoes till my late teens and early adulthood.I got convinced by a shoe seller to always wear my size and if I’d shopped online,I probably would have missed the info that day.Those awkward lines that appears around the toe length area on the shoe will not be there if it’s actually your size.

#Tip7.Buy quality and not quantity.

I know this advice sounds cliché,but think about it and save yourself some hassle.You can actually think buying quality shoes costs more money,so you buy two,three,or maybe four for the price of one.Well,its your choice at least but I guarrantee that the money you don’t want to spend,you’ll end up spending at some point where it might yield little or no results.Something of value is easier to maintain than something of inferior quality.Spend some money for quality shoes man!you deserve it.

                                              MAINTAINING BELTS AND PURSES.

 #Tip8.Change your brown belts to black

My likeness for belts is serious.like shoes,your belt speaks a volume about you.Now I used to have more brown belts than black till I discovered a trick which isn’t unique to anyone because I recently saw an owner of a store applying the same trick to his stock of belts.The trick is no secret but you might not know.It’s liquid polish.I tried it when I had no money to buy a black jean belt, so I simply converted one of my brown jean belt to black and voila’I got my black belt.Just apply a black liquid polish to a brown belt neatly and thoroughly and there you go.And here is the good side and bad side.

Good side.                                                                                       Bad side.
1.You’ll get your black belt.                                                           1.The brown color can be lost permanently.
2.Your belt will smell nicer.                                                           2.You might experience cracks on your belts.
3.It becomes shiny which is a good thing.

And as for my belt I converted  couple of years ago,i still use it till date.You can also use this trick on your purse or wallet,leather wrist watch (in so far as they’re of genuine leather quality),as a maintenance scheme on leather works.

Written by aspiring writer; Francis Edesiri.

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