"I Don't Wear Butt Pads,I Don't Need Them" -Kim Kardashian

After Kim Kardahsian was spotted at younger sister Khloe's 32rd birthday wearing what looked like butt pads. She took to her social page to clear the air. She said its 'Shapewear' and does not need butt pads. She wrote;
 “Here’s what really happened: A couple years ago, I wore a skirt in Miami that was totally sheer. I had no idea it was SO see-through on my butt. I definitely never want that to happen again, so now I always wear shapewear. Sometimes, they have a sheer cutout like these capris from Body Wrap, so that’s what you’re seeing in the picture, So, the fact is: I don’t wear butt pads! At this point, I think everyone has seen my butt naked and knows I don’t need them, LOL!”
That's a lot of contours for a shape-wear if you ask me...

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