How To Decorate Your Cottage

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Cottage is the best place to spend both weekends and holidays with your family. So it is crucial that you make it really cozy and beautiful. In this post we will reveal to you some fantastic ideas of how to decorate your cottage.
Add some color

One of the simplest ways to make your cottage attracting is painting your house in bright positive color pleasant to the human eye. Yellow, blue, green, pink, lilac - choose among the colors you like! There is too much grayness and anonymity in the world!

Trailing plants

You can plant trailing plants, which will cover the walls of your building with the bright flowery carpet.

Relaxation area

Relaxation area will delight the heart (and a tired back) of the host. Armchairs on the terrace or patio in the garden, where you can watch at the fruits of your hands - the beautiful flower gardens and decorated garden - is the best reward after a hard day.


Steps leading to the entrance terrace can also be the elements of landscape design!
You can decorate steps using plants and plant some blooming plants under the bottom step. But be sure to plant the short ones.

Ampelous plants

You can also decorate the porch railings using ampelous plants. All you need to do is consolidate pots vertically inclined to handrails.
Of course, if you are accustomed to put your hands on them - it is better not to do so. Or you can decorate only one of the two handrails: left one (if you are right handed). You can even decorate with hanging plants the edge of the roof! It looks stunning!

Night lightning

Evening lights for evening get-togethers will be very handy. This way you can emphasize the things you want to show, and to hide something you don`t want to show.
At night any garden becomes magical, if properly illuminated.
Garden lighting is divided into two categories: functional and decorative. The first one indicates the paths and objects, the second one turns the garden into a fairy tale.
When you select the backlight for the garden, remember that, firstly, you need to choose a corrosion-resistant light fixtures marked with GS TÜV, and secondly, to observe safety precautions when laying cable and bury it deep enough.
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