What Happens After You Lose Your Job

Most people experience job loss or unemployment and I must
tell you it’s not funny. Yes, sometimes when some of us that have jobs see how
some of these entrepreneurs are starting to enjoy their hard work: taking vacations,
shopping, buying things people can only dream of. We start to think about how
our jobs are pain in our asses and how we are sick of answering to somebody or
being told what to do. And wish we could just quit and live that dream we’ve
always dreamt of. But then you get fired/ laid off and you realize that being
in your current job is not the worst thing that can happen to you. These are
some of the things you experience after you lose your job or find yourself
without a job (hopefully you don’t experience this but if you do it’s probably
for the best);
Unconsciously expect it
It’s strange but true. Before you get that annoying letter,
somehow you feel it; like you are overdue or just sick of doing the same thing
year in year out. You even find yourself looking for otherr job cos you are
just tired of your current job.
Most times it happens on a very slow work day. Your superior
calls you into his office his office and he has that “I’m as stunned as
you are look in his face”. He/she hands the letter over to you and you read the
letter, confused, the thought of not receiving a monthly income flashes before
your eyes. And you want to ask; what have I done wrong, why? What is
happening?’ But then it’s stated in the letter: “economic crises and how they
are unable to pay you”. Even when it’s personal, they will never state it so you
don’t sue or think the are unprofessional. Most times they don’t fire you alone so you won’t feel very sad or
think it’s personal.  For a very
emotional person, the news it’s enough to start shedding tears but then you
find yourself smiling in disbelief, you receive the letter in good fate. Your
manager/superior would be the one doing most of the talking, telling you how he
doesn’t understand (Yeah right! he definitely discussed it with the management) how or
why it happened and try to encourage you. You go home, discuss it with family
and friends but assure them it’s for the best, that you would get something
better before they know it. You try to stay as positive as possible,you engage in your usual routine like nothing happened.
You will sleep like a baby the first two days and after that
you start losing sleep. Going to bed late cos you know you have nowhere to go
so you don’t have to wake up early but then you find yourself waking up very
Loss of appetite
Since you wake up late, breakfast is not an option. Before
you know it, you are lazing in bed and its 3pm. Then you have something to eat,
not because you are hungry but so you don’t have ulcer since you are not
After few weeks and so many disappointments from friends and
people you expect to help, you start thinking about your bills and how you’ve
spent so much in a short time. And you start to imagine when you would start
working again, if the little savings you have can cover you till the next job
comes… You fear you might not be good enough, or would flake an
interview/aptitude test since it’s been a while.
You start calling people that promised to offer you a job,
submitting resumes. You sleep at any time and wake up at your normal time you
prepare for work. You try to keep yourself busy, you try not to stay at home as
much, you look for volunteer work, and call that guy you hardly ever think
of just to pass time.
Excessive spending
Some people get paid when they are laid off while some don’t
get paid. If you are one of the paid folks you discover you start buying things
you don’t need, Change your wardrobe for the ‘next job’, pay for things you
usually pay off like nothing has changed.
After spending weeks hovering about for a job and nothing
fruitful (or you get something but its not what you want),you just decide to
stay indoors so you don’t have to keep spending money and wait till one of this
organization give you a call. While you are indoors, you notice you’ve started
sleeping well again, wake up really late, eat late, have your bath late, want
to stay in your pyjamas all day, decide to clean the house when you want, go offline,
stop calling or keeping in touch with friends. You start dreading going out cos
you don’t want people asking you questions.

Losing your job or being unemployed is not pretty but it’s
not the worst thing that can happen to you (imagine someone that works in a
place where there is no freedom, and when I mean freedom I mean doing your job
in peace without someone monitoring your every second, distracting and
frustrating you and to top it, you are underpaid, no breaks, crazy work hours,
zero entitlement – I am not making this up). Sometimes it’s the best thing that
can happen to you, it’ll suck for a while but you’ll find you way. Though you’ll be in this state after losing your job, don’t
let it linger for long cos most times that’s when you best idea or purpose is
about to manifest. Don’t lose or doubt your creativity, take every good
opportunity that comes your way and have fun doing it, you won’t be unemployed for
long. Have you been unemployed, lost a job or feel like you about to be laid
off? What was your experience?

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