Wendy Williams Calls Rihanna A 'Holla Back Girl'. Really Wendy?

Honestly,i don't get Wendy's beef with Rihanna. This seems like the second time she is shading the 'Work' singer in terms of keeping a man, After she asaid she can never be a legend or perfom at Las Vegas residency,now she calls her a holla back girl?Come on now!
‘I think that Rihanna, at this point of her life is a holla back girl,‘‘A holla back girl is a girl that guys have fun with, with no intentions of bringing to mom,‘Wendy further explained to her excited audience, ‘I believe she’s a holla back girl… and there’s nothing wrong with that at her particular age but I just want you to know that if she’s serious with any one coz no one could be serious with her because she is a holla back girl.’
Even with all Madonna's craziness,she got married at some point and have two kids (biologically)and don't get me started on Gaga who is soon-to-be married.Wendy needs to state her problem with Riri,I love her show but this is getting too much.

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