Nicki Minaj Avoids Communication With Drake For Boyfriend Meek Mill

According to reports,Nicki Minaj have cut all ties with Drake for the sake of rapper boyfriend Meek Mill. A source revealed to The Hollywood life;
“[Minaj] is aware that [Drake] still has love for her but she had to cut all the communication off, largely to protect her relationship with Meek,” the source told the entertainment website. “She had to pick a side and she chose her man’s. Meek and Drake were going at it way too hard dissing one another and she was caught in the middle. She had no choice but to stop talking to Drake. They will always be cool but Nicki is committed to Meek. That’s her man and quite possibly the love of her life.”
“She’d never admit this, but she thinks Drake is a far more superior rapper than her own man. But that’s on the super, super down low,”

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