Kylie Jenner & Tyga Split

Controversial couple have reportedly split and for good this time; you know, since Blac is pregnant with Kylie's elder brother,Rob's baby,it's only fair. But according to Dailymail,that's not the only reason;
Kylie and Tyga's long-term relationship has been a tumultuous one, but the website reports that 'this time there's no going back.'
She was reportedly 'bent out of shape' because he wouldn't have been able to achieve a Met Ball invite if it wasn't for the 18-year-old beauty entrepreneur's fame.
Kylie is allegedly 'mad at herself' because she didn't have the foresight to make the rap artists a 'persona non grata' and he has therefore, in her opinion, been granted access to high profile circles, by association.'
Well,i wasn't a fan of their relationship. So good to know its over.

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