Check Out Tyga's Hot New Squeeze,Demi Rose

The pair were spotted at a nightclub in Cannes, pictured, on Thursday nightShe said she started modelling a year ago and has described this as the 'best year of her life' 
Hmmm,Tyga has a new girlfriend and she is really hot.,Kylie must be pissed. Demi Rose is a lingerie model from Birkinham and she used to be one of 'Black Hugh Hefner's escort girls.
She's like a combination of Selena Gomez and Nina Dobrev or just a sexy Selena Gomez...

They were spotted together earlier this week attending a party at the Gotha nightclub in Cannes, pictured

Demi Rose, left, was previously a member of Taz's Angels. Taz, centre, has been described as the 'black Hugh Hefner'

Tyga sure have a type....


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