Alice In Wonderland: Through the looking Glass Tanks At The Box Office

Last week was a roller-coaster for Johnny Depp and not just from his divorce drama but at the box office. His new movie Alice in Wonderland:Through the looking glass tanked last weekend.Though they hoped it would make 69million its first weekend,according to Monday estimate,it made a four-day opening of $34.2 million. Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis said;
“It’s disappointing. The domestic opening is wildly less than what every tracking service had us at,” “We’re in the tentpole business. More often than not, they turn out to be huge successes. We’ll continue to take those big bets. In this instance, it didn’t turn out as we hoped.”
 Box-office observers insists it has nothing to do with his personal drama ,that is more of the movie’s weak performance .


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