Wendy Williams Dish On Ciara & Russell Wilson's Engagement

I was definitely waiting for Wendy's take on Ciara's engagement to Russell Wilson. And to be honest she didn't have anything interesting to say and it made me realize these two will be in this for the long haul. After comparing them to Tom Brady and Gisele,she said;
I didn’t originally think he was nice looking… But… Do you know how sometimes when you get with someone all of a sudden a person’s penny is shined up more and they look a little nicer looking?”
“A lot of you wouldn’t mess with Jay Z, but he’s with Beyonce so all of a sudden he’s nice looking.”
“Cause she wins… Once you get your beloved and then you get married and stuff, at least while it works, you win…” “I don’t watch soccer so I wouldn’t have known who she was.”
See the video after the cut...

I disagree with you Wendy,Russell is good looking be may be boring to you but he is perfect for Ciara.