Kris Jenner Plans To Film Kim & Kanye's Marriage Counselling Section on KUWTK

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Due to Kanye's twitter rant,it's safe to say that he's in need of rehab. But then,Momoger Kris would like him to attend another type of counseling with wife Kim Kardashian. According to Radaronline,Kris is not just hoping her daughter's marriage to Kanye be better but her business as well. A source revealed;

"Kris is in complete panic mode about Kim and Kanye,". "She does not want Kim to have a third divorce." "Kris told Kim that she wants her to go to marriage counseling with Kanye and to film it for 'KUWTK,'" 
But West is pushing back. "Kanye doesn't want to do counseling," the source explained. "He is convinced that he is doing nothing wrong. He is telling Kim that he is a genius and to stick by him and not worry about the criticism. But Kim is worried. She has no idea what he is going to do next."
Jenner is also trying to get the couple to make an appearance together to squash divorce rumors, the source revealed. "She will film everything they do so that she can put it on the show."
"Kim is the biggest money maker for Kris and she is smart. She is savvy. She knows that her drama with Kanye could translate into big ratings for the show," the source explained about the family matriarch.
 "Kris will do everything she can to convince Kim and Kanye to let their marriage problems play out on camera."

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