Kris Jenner Discuss Rob & Blac Chyna

Kardashian matriarch,Kris Jenner was called by Kyle and Jackie O on their radio Show on Wednesday where she discussed Rob and Blac,Kourtney,Kendall and The West.
Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna; 
"I haven't really seen her that much and I don't know her as well as everyone else, but she seems like a really nice girl," Kris said. "I just haven't been around her too much. But, you know, he's been very, very happy lately and I think he's in a really good place. I don't know too much about their relationship.""He's doing really, really well. He feels much better about himself,"  "He's trying to just get healthy and get in shape. He's been working on a few projects."
 Kendall and Harry Styles
"Ummm, you'd have to ask Kendall," "I have decided, honest to god, I get myself into hot water. I've learned to keep my mouth shut because I don't want to get into trouble. It isn't worth it." "I definitely am a huge Harry Styles fan," she gushed. "He's really, really, really funny and I love funny. He's one of the funniest guys I've ever met. He's cute, but he's so funny."
Kourtney Kardashian 
"She's doing so great and she's such a good mom. That's the center of her universe right now, being with her kids and hanging out with them," Kris revealed. "I was listening to all the different activities that the kids are doing lately, including North, and it's soccer and hip-hop class and ballet and it just goes on and on and on."
Kim ,Kanye and their kids moving out of her house; 
"They finally moved out! Yay!" she said with a laugh. "I kind of did a little happy dance, until I realized they were back on the other side of town, because their house down the street isn't ready yet. So it kind of backfired on me, because now I have to go to the other side of town to see the kids."