Diva Attitude? Nicki Minaj Grabs Security Guard's Phone & Throws It Across the Stage

Raging: Despite being in the middle of rapping hit single Feeling Myself, the Anaconda hit-maker halted the song after seemingly spotting the minder focused on his mobile as oppose to the screaming crowdsHand it over! Her face holding a raging expression, Minaj then pounded across the stage and held out her hand, ready for the security to guard to hand her the device
Rockstars break guitars,Nicki Minaj grabs security guards phone for not being attentive.During Nicki Minaj's 'feeling myself' performance at her Pinkprint tour in Dubai, the 33-year-old singer grabbed her security guards phone and threw it across the stage for not paying attention.

Lol,Diva much? See fans tweet after the cut...

Woah! Obeying her demand, the bodyguard than hands over his phone, though it's unlikely he saw what was coming nextSay goodbye! Snatching the phone from his palm, the rapper then tossed the phone across the stage, before returning back to her centre spot to continue the show

Reactions: Fans quickly took to social media to comment on the incident

Different opinions: The incident had social media divided


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