Chris Brown Is Rooting For Selena & Justin Bieber

Controversial R&B singer,Chris Brown is hoping Justin Bieber gets back with Selena Gomez According to the Hollywoodlife,Chris Brown does not want Bieber to make the same mistakes he made with Rihanna. An insider reveals;
“Chris knows he lost the love of his life with Rihanna and he doesn’t want that to happen to Justin,”  “Biebs still has a chance — a real chance to be happy and in love with a woman who loves him to death and has a pure heart. Chris told Justin that the universe doesn’t make women like Selena and Rihanna often. He told Justin he’d batter latch onto this woman and hold her down, otherwise, he’ll regret it for the rest of his life, just like Chris regrets losing RiRi.”
“Chris is sitting back, looking at Justin’s antics and shaking his head,” “For starters, Justin is acting like a younger Chris — arrogant, womanizing, breaking hearts and acting like his s*** don’t stink. Chris wants JB to know that ain’t cool and that he’d better stop juggling these girls like he’s at a circus before he loses the love of his life.”

Though Selena said she is done with Bieber,she was recently spotted at his concert in LA. so i'm guessing they'll get back together but not forever. The are till young,so they are just figuring themselves out.

Selena at Justin's LA concert


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