Zendaya Stuns For New You Magazine

In with the new: The singer/actress graces the cover of the latest New You in a Jean Louis Sabaji mini feathered dressTough: The Disney star revealed that she was picked on in school, but her self-confidence prevented it from getting the better of her
Zendaya stuns on the cover of the latest issue of New You magazine. The 19-year-old discussed about being oneself and how she doesn't care what people think of her style. She said;
'I was made fun of but it didn’t bother me very much because I was very comfortable in who I was,'
'It’s so much harder and more draining and so much more exhausting to be constantly pretending to be something that you’re not,' 'It’s very freeing when you’re just like, "Yo, I’m just going to do me!" It’s so important.'
'You can tell that when I go out on the red that I am not trying to look like I’m dressing for the reviews the next day,' she said. 'I mean, it’s nice for people to be like, "oh, we liked your outfit; that’s cool", but that’s not why I’m going out.
'I’m going out and dressing in this because it’s awesome and I love it. I really just don’t care if somebody doesn’t like my hair or my wig or my makeup that day or what I choose to wear or put on my feet. Everyone has opinions.'

She has had her share of challenges: In an interview with New You magazine  Zendaya arevealed she was made fun of in school


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