Omugwu Over Already? Adanna Ohakim,Mum & Son In New Photos

The daughter of former Imo State Governor Adanna Ohakim and her husband welcomed their first child on February 15th and the Omugwo (An Igbo culture where a nursing mother's mum or inlaw takes care of her new born for a period of time) seems to be over already. Adanna wrote;

"Had to drop mum off at the airport today and I'm feeling quite emotional. Can't believe how fast time has gone by! Mum thank you so much for all your help, love & support.
I'm gonna miss the late night political discussions about our entertainer Donald Trump, your healthy early morning bedside smoothies, your late night perfect blend of hot chocolate & all the Nigerian delicacies Simba will surely miss grandma's massages! I'm counting down until we come visit you in Nigeria. Lots of love from the 3 of us & God bless you #NneOma #Omugwo"

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