Katy Perry Invites Taylor Swift To Her Pre-Grammy Party

Back to besties? Katy Perry invited Taylor Swift to her Spotify party in LA on Saturday, she told the New York Times; here the former pals are seen in 2010But will Tay-tay have time? 'It’s just up to their schedules,' Perry said; here the two are seen in 2011
Katy Perry will be throwing a black tie pre-Grammy party hosted by Spotify at Cicada in downtown LA tonight.And she invited her former friend turned frenemy, Taylor Swift.She told the New York Times Adele and Swift could attend; 'It’s just up to their schedules,'

She also said no publicist,Journalist or managers;

'They are not creators. They’re important to the creation, but it’s only artists, producers and songwriters,''I’m trying to keep it as pure as possible because in the eight years that I’ve been going to these things, I am just always so exhausted.' 'You have to be a creator — it’s artists, producers and songwriters,'
'And it’s a mixture of new and familiar artists, a combination of the past two years’ Grammy nominees and also [acts] from the Spotify Discover playlist.'
But the question is;will Taylor attend? Since she's against Spotify. I think its really sweet of Katy,they should kiss and makeup already,i love them both.

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