Justin Bieber Pose In Nothing But A Hat For Clash Magazine

You can keep your hat on! Justin Bieber once again proved he has no hang-ups where his physique is concerned as he teased his nude body on the cover of Clash magazine's 100th issue

'Love yourself' crooner,Justin Bieber pose fr the 100th issue of Clash magazine in nothing but a hat. Justin is not just growing musically but also mentally and physically. Speaking to the magazine,he said;
 “I made mistakes. Part of being a man is owning up to that.”
'It's hard to form new friendships. You never know what people's intentions are for you. I've been fortunate that the good people I found along the way have stuck with me,'

'I just grew up and decided it was time to take control of my life. I realised that God gave me a gift and an incredible platform to share his light and it is my responsibility to live a positive life in exchange,'
'I’ve learned that I do have a responsibility to my fans to act maturely. That doesn’t mean I won’t make mistakes - everyone does.
'But I now know I need to turn into my faith when things get hard,'


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