Chrissy Teigen Reveals She Was Undergoing IVF During This Risque Sports Illustrated Shoot

Insight: Chrissy Teigen has revealed she was having IVF treatment while shooting for this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016

Chrissy Teigen revealed to People magazine she was undergoing treatment and having shots to get pregnant during this risque shoot for Sports Illustrated. She said;
'I was doing IVF during the shoot.
'I was getting my shots and everything in Zanzibar, I had a little medical kit.

'It was hard because you bloat from it, and you bruise – if I hit the wrong area.'
'That's the kind of things we had to cover with makeup,'
'I was doing IVF during the shoot.'
Chrissy and husband John Legend will be expecting a baby girl in April.
A little help: Speaking to People she went on to explain that they would cover any marks with bruises for the photos

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