Check Out Kim Kardashian's Doppelgänger,Kamilla Osman

As well as having a natural resemblance to Kim with olive skin and dark brows, Kamilla is also a makeup pro and uses neutral shades and a smoky eye to emphasise her eyes
Many fans have tweeted Kamilla about her striking similarity to Kim and she has retweeted them so clearly she's happy with the praise. While one Instagram user joked she's a 'copy-paste Kim'
Kamilla Osman is a fashion blogger from Toronto and have been melting the hearts of Kim K fans since she opened her instagram account few months ago with 70,000 followers already. 

Well she does look like Kim thanks to the hair and makeup but i won't say he twin.See more of her photos below....
Kamilla posts photos of herself with minimal makeupKamilla uses a trip to the gym as a selfie opportunity two weeks ago, Kamilla gave a pouting pose next to her water bottle and captioned it: 'Stimulate your mind through working on your body.'The fashion blogger has more than 70,000 followers with many commenting that she could be Kim's 'twin' and her makeup is also done like Kim with plenty of contouringThere's still such a similarity between her and Kim, right, even beneath the makeupOther users agreed she looked incredibly similar to the Kardashian and was so similar she could be in the clan or even Kim's twinAnother joked it could be the real deal because of her outfit choice, appearance and makeup skills and asked: 'Kim?! Are you there?' 

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