Ice T & Coco Austin Expecting First Child Together

Rapper Ice T and wife Coco are expecting their first child together after 14 years of marriage. The excited wife Coco,36 shared the news on her social page;

 "I'm pregnant!!! Yah!! Ice & I are so excited! I announced it Friday on our new talk show which airs Aug 3rd," "On the show I get into all the details about getting pregnant, the sex and how far along I am!! I was so overwhelmed I cried!"

Ice T, 57, also took to Twitter to thank his fans for their support.

"The news is out. YES. We're having a baby," he said. "We want to say ThankYou to everyone for the overwhelming LOVE you are sending us! We appreciate you."
Ice T have two kids from his previous relationship and a grandson. Don't you just love their love? Congrats to them.

Bobbi Kristina Passes on At 22

Bobbi Kristina Passes on at 22

Bobbi Kristina Brown gave up the ghost on Sunday 26th of July 2015 six months after she was found unconscious in a bathtub in Jan 31 this year and was taken to North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, Georgia, where she was put on a ventilator to assist her breathing. Also at Atlanta's Emory University Hospital where she was later placed in a medically induced coma .  The daughter of late music legend Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown died at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Georgia surrounded by family and friends. She was 22.The Houston family said in statement to ET;

She is finally at peace in the arms of God," "We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months."

So young…May her soul rest in peace.

Ooh La La : Khloe Kardashian Like You've Never Seen Before {Photos}

The pregnant 34-year-old instructed on the set: 'Can we take off the belt? It makes it look not sporty...You look so good. Can we wet the nipples more? Can I [douse you with more water]?'
Is that you Khloe?Khloe Kardashian,31 shows off gym session results in this mouth watering shoot for Complex magazine.The sporty spread was shot by Steven Gomillion.Speaking to the mag,Khloe said;
 'I don't know if I'm ever gonna feel like, "Daaamn, you look good!" But I've never felt as comfortable in my own skin than I do now.'
Big sis,Kim K said it's her sexiest shoot yet... More photos below...
Glam squad: The half-Armenian stunner - rocking sexy athletic wear selected by stylist Monica Rosehad - had her make-up done by Mary Phillips and her wet-look locks done by César DeLeön RamirêzWorrrking it out! Khloé tweeted Monday that she was 'seriously obsessed' with the resulting images from the August/September edition of ComplexAs soon as the article was posted, Kardashian loved the outpouring of fan support, tweeting: 'How sweet are you guys! I love you guys and I see all the positivity and love! I'm so blessed''I went to a consultation when I was 18': Khloé also admitted she always 'wanted a boob job' and she wears 'a padded bra all the time'Mirror, mirror: The 31-year-old reality star's older sister Kim served as 'creative director' for the steamy pictorial, calling it 'her sexiest shoot yet''I'm seriously obsessed with my @ComplexMag shoot!' Khloé Kardashian showcased her curvaceous derrière and ample cleavage in a sheer plunging leotard for a sporty spread shot by Steven Gomillion

Still Smokin' Hot! J'lo Celebrates 46th Birthday In Black Sheer Number

Still stunning: Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 46th birthday in a rather racy ensemble on Friday night

 Jennifer Lopez popularly known as J'lo marked her 46th birthday on Friday in this skimpy black sheer number at the 10ak in Southampton with friends and boytoy Casper Smart. The singer,actress and mother-of-two showed of her toned physique and  award winning derriere in this sexy black dress and ankle-strap heels. Happy belated birthday J'lo!!!More Photos below...
 Curvaceous: J-Lo gave a sultry stare as she rocked the sexy clinging black dress which showed off her cleavage and had cut-outs on the sideAssistance is needed: Jennifer was helped out of the chauffeured vehicle by Casper SmartParty people: Jennifer partied the night away with famous friends including (pictured from left to right): French Montana, Fat Joe and ThaliaThree's a crowd: Fat Joe's wife Lorena Cartegena and Thalia also flanked J-Lo in another snapFantastic four: Khloe Kardashian's ex French, Thalia, Joe and Lorena certainly seemed to have a blast Side view: JLo gave another glimpse of her voluptuous figureEscort: JLo was pleased to be escorted to the festivities by her much younger boyfriendRight behind you: Casper led the way while Jennifer followed

The US government helped Boko Haram immensely by refusing to classify them as a terrorist organisation until 2014 and by refusing to sell us arms to fight them - Femi Fani-Kayode

 An article by former Minister,Femi Fani-Kayode;
The United States government helped Boko Haram immensly by refusing to classify them as a terrorist organisation until 2014 and by refusing to sell us arms to fight them. Worst still, they imposed an international arms embargo on us so that we could not buy arms from anyone else in the international community. When asked why they are doing this to us they tell us that it is because of the Leahy Act which prohibits them from selling arms to governments that violate the human rights of their own citizens.
They forget that we are in the middle of a bitter war and that our enemies are being sponsored and supported by both ISIL and Al Qaeda.
They forget that over 50,000 innocent Nigerians have been slaughtered in cold blood and thousands more raped and abducted during the course of that war over the last 5 years.
They disregard the fact that every day Nigerians are bleeding more and more and that our gallant Armed Forces, through no fault of their own, have not been able to get the necessary weapons to fight back effectively.
Some things are above partisan politics and this is one of them. Regardless of whichever political party we belong to we must all join forces and support the fight against Boko Haram.
We must do this regardless of party affiliation because if we don't Boko Haram will consumme us all, whether we are PDP, APC or anything else.
We love and admire the Americans and we regard their country as a bastion of good governance, justice, equity and decency. We also recognise the fact that they have brought an immense amount of good into the world over the last 100 years and that they continue to do so.
However in this matter of arms supply to our country it appears to me that a double standard is being applied. It is almost as if they want Nigeria to be brought to her knees and that they want us to be humiliated and destroyed.
All the territory that was recovered from Boko Haram by the Jonathan administration is now being threatened again or has been retaken by Boko Haram in the last few weeks.
This comes as a direct consequence of the fact that the Americans have refused to sell us arms and the new allies and friends that the Jonathan administration reached out to in their stead just a few months before leaving power together with the military assistance contracts that they entered into at the time for help in the war against Boko Haram have been terminated.
This is very sad because the immediate consequence of it is the fact that over 1000 Nigerians have been killed by Boko Haram in the last two months alone. That means over 100 people per week have been murdered by the terrorists since May 29th.
This must stop and something has to give. We must support the new government in their efforts to stem the tide and to fight terror.
This is all the more important when one considers the fact that there seems to be some hidden agenda on the part of the western powers, led by America, to ensure that we do not acquire the necessary weapons to take on Boko Haram effectively.
When one considers the position of the American government one is forced to ask the following question: w hy did they not invoke the Leahy Act against Israel, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, Pakistan, Yemen, Kenya and Iraq for human rights violations?
Why do they continue to supply arms to the governments of all those countries despite what they have done to many of their own citizens and those that they oppose just outside their borders?
Why is it only Nigeria that they have refused to sell arms to and that they have imposed an international arms embargo on even though we are fighting a civil war against a barbaric, relentless and evil enemy that is being sponsored by ISIL and Al Qaeda?
Given all this, I believe that it is time for us as a country to begin to reconsider who our friends really are? They say that a friend in need is a friend indeed.
You cannot say that you are our friends whilst you sit by idly and watch the blood of our people being shed on a daily basis yet you refuse to do anything about it.
We are not asking you to send troops to fight for us or to give us free arms. We are not cowards or beggars. We are simply asking to buy sophisticated arms and modern weapons from you so that we can defend our people yet you keep saying no and you are urging others not to sell to us either. This is not the act of a friend.
It is unacceptable, it is unfair and, if sustained, it will prove to be counter-productive to the interests of the Americans in our country and in the west African sub-region.
The truth is that given the attitude of the United States government I believe that it is time for us to rely far more on our Chinese and Russian friends in our collective war against terror.
I say this because it appears that the western powers and our traditional allies like the United Kingdom, France and America have left us in the lurch.
Whichever way we can be rest assured of one thing: Nigeria will never be brought to her knees and ultimately we will win this war because God is with us.
On a final note permit me to take this opportunity to respond to the words of U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, the convener and author of the Leahy Act, who has said that our Armed Forces are nothing but ''rapists and murderers''. He also said that we should ''clean up our military'' if we want the arms embargo lifted.
This type of condescending, colonial-overlord, slave-master and gung-ho language and contribution from this foreigner is most unhelpful and it is totally unacceptable. This is all the more so because his words are simply not true.
Whether the Leahy's of this world wish to accept it or not the truth is that the Nigerian Armed Forces, despite their limitations and constraints, remain one of the most outstanding, successful, courageous, battle-ready and disciplined fighting forces on the African continent.
History can attest to that and the sacrifice that those gallant young men and women in uniform make on a daily basis on the battle field in the fight against Boko Haram and in the war against terror over the last five years is a reflection of their deep patriotism and noble calling.
Referring to them as nothing but ''rapists and murderers'' is not only a sweeping statement and an absurd generalisation but it is also a deep insult to the Nigerian people and a denigration of the memory of all those courageous young men and women that fought and died on the war-front defending our country.
The truth is that Senator Leahy is nothing but a low-life redneck and so are all those that think like him and that have his mindset. He is the scum of the earth: a typically confused, ignorant, petty-minded, blinkered and racist yankee who has little understanding of world affairs, no understanding of our situation in Nigeria and Africa and no sense of history.
He owes the Nigerian people and our Armed Forces an unreserved apology and until he purges himself and renders it, I urge every self-respecting Nigerian to treat
him with the contempt and disdain that he deserves.  

What's That Pink Bulging Object In Her Back Pack?

Lol,a Facebook user snapped the photo above of a blonde probably in her twenties with a suspicious looking pink object in her back pack in London and shared on his page,asking what the pink object in her backpack was...I don't know,what do you see? It could be a champagne bottle head...right?lol

Kardashian-Jenner Invasion: Kim,Kourtney,Khloe & Kylie Stuns For E! Promo

'Sneak peak!' Pregnant Kim Kardashian posted several dolled-up selfies alongside her sisters Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian from the set of their new E! promos on Friday

The Karashian/Jenner girls looked really glam from the set of their new E! promos on Friday. Kim,Kourtney,Kylie and Khloe share photos on their social page...Kourtney wrote;
'Yeah, photo shoot fresh, lookin like wealth,'  and Kim 'Sneak peek'. See more below....

'Yeah, photo shoot fresh, lookin like wealth!' The 34-year-old mother-to-be reunited with her siblings for the 11th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which premieres this fall
Flashing her wedding bling: It's not a surprising move for the Selfish author, who shares all of her adventures in vanity - big and small - with her combined 99M followers on social mediaDuck lips: Kim - who's said to be four months along - sported her usual eyelash extensions, shiny hair extensions, and perfectly contoured make-upNot-so-typical teen: For the family shoot, 17-year-old Kylie donned a plunging, criss-cross dress designed by Balmain'Girl power on set today!' Not included in the group selfie was Khloe Kardashian, who shared a solo snap of herself done up by make-up artist Mary Phillips and hairstylist Jen Atkin

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Have Lost A Lot Of Weight

Looking lean: Jeffrey Dean Morgan showed off his well muscled figure as he strolled in the Soho neighborhood in New York City on ThursdayKeeping it casual: The 49-year-old, who wore a grey vest, sweat pants and black sneakers, didn't appear to have gained any weight since losing 40lbs to appear in History Channel mini-series Texas Rising in MayKeeping it casual: The 49-year-old, who wore a grey vest, sweat pants and black sneakers, didn't appear to have gained any weight since losing 40lbs to appear in History Channel mini-series Texas Rising in May
For those that don't know him; He's name is Jeffrey Dean Morgan,an American actor and he's popularly Known for his character,John Winchester in the TV series,Supernatural. He is married to 'one tree hill' star,Hilarie Burton.The 49-year-old was spotted in little grey vest as he strolled in the Soho neighborhood in New York City on Thursday.

The weight-loss was for a mini-series 'Texas Rising',he starred in. What do you think of his look now? See how he looked before the weight loss below...

Etcetera Slams Nigerian Radio 'Cool FM' Station and Music

Oh my,Etcetera comes for Cool FM,singer Olamide and Nigerian music in new article;

“Shoki hey hey Shoki!” cries a voice from the radio to the beat of a nerve-wracking pandemonium that seems designed to drive you insane.
A quick flick of the dial and “Shakiti bobo” is playing. The worse thing is that the raucous noise emitted by the artiste is no match for the loud, odious din coming from the beat. The lyrics are completely lost – which may not be regrettable to some – but the whole tumult sounds more like bad static than music.
I tuned the dial again. This time it was Olamide screaming “VANESSA VANESSA.”
As the last strains of the song died away, the OAP cheerfully and enthusiastically breaks in, “Yes, that’s for all you listeners out there. That’s the way we do it right here at your cool station. We personalise our playlist to make you feel cool.”
Cool kor, cooler ni…. I felt like telling the OAP that his choice of songs made me feel SICK.
This is simply today’s Nigerian music! Something is terribly WRONG with it! Yet millions around the country – especially the young people – listen to it by the hour. WHY?
What is there about this music that is so gripping? How can something so meaningless hold millions under its spell? Why does it serve as a common denominator – as “the tie that binds” – for so many youths?
Judging from how and what they’re saying and singing, it is easy to conclude that some of these artistes should be taken for mental evaluation! Music mirrors our emotions; it reflects our thoughts; it echoes our activities – it shows us the way we really ARE!
Most Nigerian artistes are confused and bewildered – or they wouldn’t sing songs about not being able to tell right from wrong, or songs which purposely don’t say or mean anything, or which try only to “embody an emotional state that points indirectly to marijuana and crazy sex positions.”
Music – just like other forms of art – is like a social barometer. A strong and healthy society produces dynamic and stimulating music; a diseased and decaying society produces sick and decadent music.
It’s a simple matter of cause and effect!
This is now a SICK SOCIETY and, therefore, it produces SICK MUSIC. It’s just that simple! Both parents and the young people are to blame. My point is, we all don’t have to be a part of this sick society – or its sick music.
Even talking about today’s gospel songs, many are lacking in purpose and quality. The gospel singers are forgetting that God believes in QUALITY. Look at the universe He created! He also believes in human improvement and GROWTH. “Become ye therefore perfect” (Matt. 5:48) and “Grow in grace and knowledge” (II Pet. 3:18), He commands.
God wants His people to grow in the right kind of culture – the right kind of appreciation for the finer things in life. He says that mature Christians are “those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to DISCERN both good and evil” (Heb. 5:14).
God wants us to EXERCISE our five physical senses. He wants us to learn what the true values for the enjoyment of the senses are. One of these senses is hearing. And one of the ways we need to exercise our hearing sense is in the appreciation of quality music. Quality in music involves, first of all, the way it is composed or arranged. Secondly, it involves how the music is performed. And thirdly, the setting (the place and occasion) in which the music is heard.
You attend a concert only to see artistes with a hodgepodge of idiotic noise played from a CD and the audience seated at round tables like they are in a canteen, screaming with mouthful of small chops and ‘samosas’ as every new song is introduced by the performer. What utter nonsense! What is WRONG with us? How did we completely lose our sense of value regarding music? Do we even know the purpose of music?
A mother justifies her daughter who’s listening to an obscene song by saying,
“If you listen to the words of that one, it’s pretty rough. But it has a real good beat. My daughter says she doesn’t pay any attention to the words anyway.” Are we really that naïve?
What erroneous reasoning! Go along with the crowd – even if the crowd is on the way to suffering, misery, pain, extinction? Do we think that these songs have no part in the tidal wave of promiscuity, venereal disease, illegitimate babies that are all over the country today? If you are one of those who like today’s Naija music, you ought to honestly and truthfully ask yourself WHY.

Mariah Carey Shows Off $500k Diamond Necklace From Billionaie Boo,James Packer

It must be love: James Packer went all out to impress his lady Mariah Carey by buying her this stunning $500,000 necklace and gifted it to her on Wednesday nightIn love: She told the audience she had a 'new heart' and she certainly did - the couple are seen here enjoying a break in Ibiza in June
Mariah Carey,45 shared a photo of her latest gift;a $500,000  a yellow heart shaped diamond necklace from billionaire boo,James Packer on her instagram. The lovely and very expensive gift was given to the singer just before she took to the stage for her performance at Caesars Palace Colosseum, Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

'Happy backstage right before last night’s show...#NTT “‘If you look inside your heart.'

According to TMZ,the 47-year-old father-of-three  had been 'aggressively' pursuing her and was 'obsessed' with her music after he met her at her concert in Las Vegas in April.
She looks happy though...

Toke Makinwa's Reply 'sort of' To Maje Ayida's Public Apology

Toke Makinwa 'sort of' reply to her cheating husband,Maje Ayida's apology to the Saturday beats. After they {Saturday Beats} contacted Maje via phone on the cheating scandal,he said;
 “I would rather not talk about the issue now. I am not just comfortable talking about my personal life publicly. It is not something that I normally do. Most times I grant interviews it is usually related to my work. It is not something I really do and I don’t want to start doing it now especially with this issue going on. It is a private thing and part of the point of my message was to keep it private. I expressed that in the message. I would rather not talk about it. But I love my wife dearly.”
And Toke's reply;
 “You have to understand that a lot is happening right now and I would rather not grant any interview or make any comment for now.”
Pretty understandable,giving the circumstance...