All American beach babe! Angela Simmons shows of body in string bikini in Miami

 Hipster chic: The star accessorised her look with a black brimmed hat and round sunglasses
On Wednesday, Run DMC's daughter Angela Simmons was spotted soaking up the sun at the beach in Miami displaying her curvaceous body in an American flag bikini. You like?

Her tiny two-piece suit consisted of a blue top and red bottoms, both printed with big white stars and held together with black bands.
The ex-girlfriend of Bow Wow added a hipster touch by wearing a black wide-brimmed hat and round sunglasses.
Her long raven-hued tresses were voluminously flowing down, later appearing drenched after taking a dip in the sea.

You Need More Than A Sexy Body To Keep A Man - Alibaba

The comedian shared the photo on his instagram page and backed it up with an interesting article below;
"I would have just left this picture to do the talking since they say a picture can tell, but in these days of photoshopping and half processed thoughts, one needs to make it explicitly clear for the import of some messages to sink home. I have said it before, no matter how beautiful a car is on the outside, if the engine don "knock", it's just a beautiful car. Not a functional car. Same way you will meet a girl with all the attributes, but her head no dey house, so when those wire touch. You go hear am. She may be a 38DD, but a DinDinrin in R-E-S-P-E-C-T department. A babe with great figure may not be able to figure out how to manage money. She is only a gimme gimme gimme.
Faithfulness is not a given. So, if a babe has all the curves in the right places, it doesn't mean you can place her on a relationship curve. There are a lot it takes to keep a man.

J'lo & Rihanna @ The Premiere Of Their Animated 'Home' Movie

Doting! Rihanna brought her newborn niece Majesty to the premiere and pushed her in a playful stroller

Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna were spotted in LA for the premiere of their animated movie 'Home'. In the movie, J'lo plays Rihanna's mother 'Lucy' and speaking of her hot co-star with E! the Bajan star said;
'J-Lo is like the hottest mom,' 'In this movie... her tone is really comforting, sincere and genuine. When you hear it, you believe it.'
J'lo also said;
'It feels good,' she told E! of the experience. 'I love being a mom. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. [But] Rihanna is not Rihanna in this movie. She's 11!'
J'lo twins Max and Emme  and her boy toy Casper Smart were spotted at the premiere. Rihanna also brought her niece Majesty to the premiere as well. See more photos after the cut...

Check Out Rihanna's New Single Promo Photos

Tease: Rihanna posted this picture to Instagram on Monday that hinted of a surprise music release
New single: RiRi later took to Twitter to reveal a new single, called B**** Better Have My Money
Promoting her new single 'B*t*h better have my money' from her 8th studio album, the Bajan star shared photos to her 42 million twitter followers . The photos were taken by Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi.

Though I think Cara Delevigne is cute, I don't like what is going on with Riri's eyebrow. Make it . She another photo after the cut...

Frustrated with life and don't know what to do? Read this

In case you don't know what you want, need or have to do, imagine you have six months to live.
Sometimes I ask myself this question; what if I had no idea what I want? Or want to do? Sometimes who I am? Yeah, I ask myself that sometimes...Anyways, I'm going to be asking questions (mostly rhetorical and some that really need answers cos hey! We are in this together) in this article. It doesn't mean I have everything figured out because sometimes we may seem all put together but we actually have a lot going on. While some of us know what we want but have no idea how to go about it, some of us don't know what it is we want. Why we are here? If we all have a "purpose" (um, we definitely do! We just have to figure it out.) Or to live under the shadows of others or their purpose...

Ini Edo's Style @ Her Movie 'While You Slept' Premiere

You Like?

Fabulous!Tyra Banks Debut Pixie Cut

Chopping it up: Tyra Banks took to her social media accounts on Friday to show off a brand new pixie haircut'Mom, I finally did it!': She shared a sweet message to her mother along with a side profile snap of the drastic new look
OMG,she looks amazing! The 41 year old supermodel/Tv mogul shared photos of her latest hairstyle on her instagram page and captioned it 'its about time'. This is probably the first time i'm seeing Tyra in short hair and duh...she has the same facial structure with Riri. More photos after the cut...

Khloe Kardashian Parties In Vegas In Sheer Bodycon Dress

Sheer daring: The 30-year-old beauty squeezed her incredible curves into shimmering stripped dressRacy: Khloe accessorised the look with diamond jewelleryFlawless: Khloe has managed to transform her figure thanks to regular gym sessions
When you talk about the fun Kardashian, Khloe comes to mind. She's the life of the party! On Friday night,Kim K's younger sister made an appearance  in Vegas in this sheer white body-con dress and she looks fab! She was joined by best friends Malika and Khadijah Haqq and singer Cassie. See more photos after the cut..

Beverly Naya Shines Bright Like A Diamond @ B430 TV Premiere

Wow,i love the dress...Do you?

Dencia Is All Lace In Cali

It's actually Tom Ford's lace-up boots. Give her style a score..

Check Out Rita Dominic In Tiffany Amber

Nollywood diva,Rita Dominic was spotted in this stunning pink dress by Tiffany amber at the launch of pink account by Key stone bank.  Seem like she lost weight too,she looks great!You like?

Riri Making History! Rihanna As Dior's First Black Campaign Star

Strike a pose: Rihanna was seen working on a photoshoot for the upcoming campaign at the Palace of Versailles on Tuesday nightStar power: Rihanna, pictured at the Christian Dior Cruise 2015 show in New York last year, described her role as Dior's newest campaign star as a 'big deal' for her culture
Aww,so excited for Riri! Y'all know Rihanna is a fashion icon? Well,living up to her title and a huge fan of Dior,the fashion powerhouse returns the favor,announcing Rihanna as the face of Dior 'Secret Garden' Campaign on Friday.
'#HistoRIH @rihanna is gonna be the first BLACK WOMAN to be the face of Dior!!!!!' one person tweeted, while another added: 'Huge news for @rihanna today: she's the first black woman to be the face of Dior.'

Speaking to MTV news on her latest achievement ,the 27-year old bajan beauty said;

'It feels fantastic,'. 'It is such a big deal for me, for my culture, for a lot of young girls of any color.'I think, to be acknowledged by Dior is just, it means a lot as a woman to feel beautiful, and elegant, and timeless.' 

Check Out Mercy Johnson's Post Baby Bod

Hmm...body of life! What's going on with her boobs btw...looks like its about to explode,lol. Motherhood suit her...she looks great right?

What Do You Think Of Dolce & Gabbana Ad?

Dolce & Gabbana Ad
So,um Dolce & Gabbana have a new ad and some people really freaked out by this. Especially fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone,see her tweets Here ...
The D&G men have been creating some controversies lately;just days ago they described children conceived via insemination 'synthetic' and now they come up with this ad? which according to Kelly Cutrone,it is 'gang bang' ad.What's your view on this?

Check Out Kelly Rowland & Family On The Cover Of Essence

Kelly Rowland, Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, Tim Weatherspoon, ESSENCE
Kelly Rowland ,husband Tim Witherspoon and baby Titan cover the April issue of Essence magazine. The proud mum told the publication;
"My road to my happiness hasn't been an easy one. It hasn't been peachy all the time, but I am so, so happy," she said. As for putting family first, she added with a laugh, "My priority is my husband first. That's how the baby got there."
Aww,so adorable! 

Rapper Tyga Confirms Relationship WIth Kylie Jenner

The rapper and father of Blac Chyna's baby,shared the photo of the youngest Kardashian/Jenner clan on his instagram page with the caption above. He's fans were not pleased about the announcement. See replies after the cut...

Cute Aunt/Niece Photo : Khloe Kardashian & Penelope Disick

Doting aunt: Khloe Kardashian shared a heartwarming moment with niece Penelope to her Instagram account on Friday
Kourtney Kardashian's younger sister Khloe shared a photo on her instagram page sharing a kiss with Penelope,Kourtney and Scott Disick's daughter. she captioned; 'Kisses'

See another adorable photo after the cut...

Photo : Cara Delevigne's Way Of Celebrating 10million Instagram Followers

That's one way to get attention: Supermodel Cara Delevingne shared a silly snap via Instagram on Wednesday to celebrate reaching 10million Instagram followers
Don't ask!lol

Give This Style A Score : Jennifer Lopez In Marchesa

The sexy mother-of-two was spotted in LA wearing this gold-embellished white dress for America idol finalist party.  Dress,check!shoes,check! Purse,check! Hair & makeup,check!I'll give her a 10. What's yours?

Kelly Osbourne's First TV Appearance Since Leaving Fashion Police

Experienced: The 30-year-old said her five years on the show were the best working years of her life
Okay so y'all know Kelly left Fashion Police and rumors have been speculation she left because of Giuliana's weed comment on Zendaya's dreadlock hair at the Oscar's. After Giuliana made the comment Zendaya tweeted about the comment being racist and Kelly tweeted this afterwards;
Giuliana Rancic was not to blame either since it was scripted by E! writers and approved by their editors. Well,Ms Osbourne finally speaks about leaving the show on 'The Talk';
'You know what? It was the five best working years of my life,' 'I am so grateful for the experience, I can't even... working with Joan Rivers for five years was incredible. I learned so much,' But she added: 'I'm excited for my future now. I want to try new things.' 
Anyways,they (fashion Police) are considering replacing Kelly with Khloe Kardashian, Nene Leaks of real housewives of Atlanta,Chrissy Teigen (model and John Legend's wife) and Naya Rivera (glee star). If they would have to pick from these four,i'll pick Khloe Kardashian. What do you think?

Chrissy Teigen Pose Naked At The Beach With Husband John Legend By Her Side

He gets her vote: A shirtless John showed off his pecs as he changed up his look She looks incredible: Her body glistened as she dried off in the sunshine 
On Tuesday singer John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen posed for a photo-shoot with  iconic photographer Bruce Weber om Miami beach in Florida.

Though they both look happy and in love and considering she's a model. i have to ask the men these questions; would you marry a model and would you be comfortable with her posing nude in front of people for a shoot and in public? 

PS; she looks better covered up.See more photos after the cut...

Runway Crashers : Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson Crash Valentino PFW Show

Guess who's back! Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson hit the Valentino catwalk as their alter-egos Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday 
LOL,i love these guys. Though Paris Fashion week is coming to an end,i can't help but share the funny actors style at the  Valentino Autumn/Winter 2015 presentation on Tuesday.
Hahaha,Owen wilson's hair though! The 'Zoolander' duo seem to be having a lot of fun, see photos backstage after the cut...

Genevieve Nnaji's Style Of The Day

The sreen was spotted at the Amstel Malta office this morning. The high waist pants in from her st Genevieve collection. I;ll give her a 7 cos there's something a little off about the pants and the fact that she didn't makeup (or maybe i didn't see it). Give this style a score...

No Kidding! Cristiano Ronaldo Made Supermodel,Irina Shayk Feel Ugly & Insecure?

Handsome couple: Irina and her ex Cristiano (left), pictured here in January 2014 were together for five years before splitting this JanuaryInsecure: Beautiful model Irina Shayk says ex-boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo used to make her feel 'ugly and insecure'
29 year-old stunning model Irina Shayk split from footballer,Cristiano Ronaldo in January after five years together.  The brunette beauty opened up to Hola magazine about having the wrong man at her side;
'I thought I had once found the ideal man but it didn't turn out that way. I think a woman feels ugly when she's got the wrong man at her side. I've felt ugly and insecure.''My ideal man is faithful, honest and a gentleman who knows how to treat women. I don't believe in men who make us feel unhappy, because they're boys not men.'

Wow! really? Can't say i'm surprised though... He probably looks like he cares about himself more than anyone in the world.