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Answer me!

You hurt me so much,it's hard to speak
it hurts so much, i could barely breathe
How did i fall in love with you
why did you stay with me all these years
when you knew how it was going to end.
why did you stay, what did you do?
why can't i forget you?
why does it hurt?
why don't you care after all these years?
will i ever love again?
will i be happy?
will you find love,would she care?
why can't i forget you when its clear you have
why don't you love me , what did i do?
why do i miss you when you don't
How can i move on,who will i trust?
so much memories , all in vain.
so much happiness,so much pain
why was there a meeting
why did you kiss me
what did you want,what did we do?
Why is it you, where was i?
why does it hurt, who are you?
why me, why you?
why us, why one
why can't i let go, what do i do?
how do you do it, who is she?
When will his end? i need to breathe.
why did i do it, what were we?
why did i meet you,why did i kiss you?
why did i let you,why d…

Rihanna poses with her male fans.

Rihanna poses with male fans as she shows of her toned midriff. She made history as the most successful artist but still had time to pose for her fan. How sweet.

shakira looking amazingly trimmed three months after giving birth to son Milan.

She's known to be one of the sexiest stars on the planet so its no surprise how trimmed and healthy she looks. May its the belly dancing or the Spanish genes but she manages to look effortlessly sexy .

She plans to move back to Spain with her boyfriend Gerald Pique and the three month hold son and live there full time,after the end of this season of the voice. so those that mean she won't continue the show for the next season? hope not! loving does boots by the way!

Kanye is back! you would think the first person he wants to see is his baby-mama!

Kanye west is back from Paris but doesn't seem too pleased to meet his "baby-mama" since that's what it seems like since he got her pregnant.

kim trying to look sexy for a boyfriend wearing a tight black dress and a white shoe/sandals designed by her boyfriend Kanye.kanye seems to be more pleased to see his pal Jay than his pregnant girlfriend. This relationship seems to be going down the drain,hope he doesn't dump her before the baby comes.

Mitch winehouse not pleased with beyonce recorded version of the late Amy's back to black song.

Father to the late singer Amy wine house,Mitch Winehouse is not pleased with Beyonce's recorded version of daughter's back to black song for the movie 'the great gatsby' starring leonardo decarpio and carey mulligan. what do you guys think?

kim K celebrating her divorce on her way to family birthday dinner for kourney.

Phew!!! I'm very relieved for her,even though i think she deserved every bit of it. i think we are all glad is over and both of them can move on with their lives.

Nollywood Actress Chika Ike paid N5million to shave her hair for a movie.

chika ike,nollywood actress to be paid a sum of 5million naira to shave her head for a movie role. what i don't get is why the focus is more on the head shaving than the movie itself. I didn't believe this sum myself until i saw the check. See below for your confirmation. May God help nollywood!

My thoughts

Life has a funny way of turning out sometimes.
People never want to have anything to do with you until  you are somebody.
While the people you have always loved and cherish don't even get it.
It's every possilble to be with somone for a long time and not knowing who the really are.
Maybe because of their actions or what they say or who they hang out with.
Sometimes you want to play God and just fix things the way you want them to be.
Sometimes you wish you were a mind reader so you can tell what the other person is thinking.
Sometimes you visualize or imagine how you life use to be or how you want it to be.
People go through a lot in relationships, everyone has their story to tell.
Yet we seek advice from one another,hoping that your story is better that the other person.
Trying to know if your situation is normal, whether you are stupid or smart.
Whether you made the right decision or a big mistake.
But the truth is, no one can really understand what the other person is goin…