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How do we know who is meant for us?

I  wonder why when girls at the age of 15 - 20 meets or want to meet a guy. They want him to be tall,dark and handsome with a lot of swag and don't care about money ,fame or power .Then in their early twenties its more of  being in love, then mid twenties, they still want those things but its more of if he's good in bed or if both of you are compatible in bed. Of course we all know finding a partner is more than that, but that seem to be the first thing that pops-up in our head when we meet him for the first time.

Therefore do girls/ladies that age really know what they want? is there a particular age to know who we are supposed to spend the rest of our lives with? do we take risk? It actually works for some people that get married at a young age but I'll bet its not easy because they learn at the course of time, especially if those people are just met to be together.
At some point (late twenties and beyond),some ladies don't care anymore. They just want to start a fam…

Dating your friend.

How do one feel dating a mummy's boy? i don't know about, but its just a turn off for me! i use to date this guy, we were friends but later decided to give dating a try since he kept telling me how he has always loved me from the first time he saw me. i visited him in port-harcourt due to a job i got there at the time. Everything was going good at first,even though he still lives in his parents house "a 26 year old", i didn't mind. but then i discovered he was too attached to his family(mum and sisters). They were everywhere, no privacy, sometimes they play some silly games were he fondles their boobs(his sisters). He even told me about bathing with his elder sister and didn't even see it as a problem. I was disgusted just hearing it but i just decided to over look it because i thought it was something of the past. Apart from that, i couldn't just understand why he didn't want to graduate and get a good job. I don't even know what i was thinking. …

Happy New Year!!!

Not saying any resolution this year,just doing them.God have been so good to us all,not cos we are so rich /poor, smart/dumb,tall/short,sick/healthy, righteous/unrighteous etc but because of His Grace in the life of you and I. After all we've been through in 2012, don't see how we won't live through 2013. Therefore, i pray for peace and love in Nigeria and the world. we made it guys, it 2013! oh thank You, God! Happy New year!